Part 1 - The Beginning
So here's my Mach 1 story. It all started with my older sister's 1965 2+2 Mustang when I was about 3 years old. I really don't remember much about that day, but to hear story's about one's self all always better when your noodle has absolutely NO recollection of the absurd stories that come out of nowhere to brand you and shape the way people treat you almost 30 years later. So -- -- here ----- we ----- go... This story involves neglectful, almost grown up siblings, a 1965 Ford Mustang, some beer, and one rambunctious little boy. I fear the prejudice already... Anyway, I've heard this same story so many different times that I think it might have actually happened. I guess that that I used to have a taste for beer at the tender young age of 3. And well when your not-so-mature 20 year old sister and her boyfriend are responsible for your well being for say a Sunday drive in almost certainly the 2nd best vehicle for such a drive('71 429 SCJ Mach 1 being 1st ;)) So back to the story. That rambunctious little boy was sitting in the back seat of that fine Ford Motor Company automobile as he is taking turns tapping his sis and brother-in-law on the shoulder for another taste of those fine Coors products. And of course the so called grown-ups not realizing that he's being supplied with these indiscretions by both, dare I say BOTH of them. Of course by the time that they noticed it's already too late and the little boy could probably use at least a 4 step program or something as he had one arm propped on the driver's seat and his other arm on the passenger's seat and his head bob-ing somewhere in the middle. Drink_to_that And well the moral of the story is that well, that day has effected me... Although I really don't have a drinking problem, I just have one HELL of a Mustang problem. And I don't want to be cured....
To be continued...
Cute, and it's obvious you don't have a modesty problem either. Congrats on all three of your problems, may they serve you well. JTS 71 Mach1
Welcome to the site! Sounds like we are in for a real saga on the way to hearing about your Mach 1. Keep the installments coming.
Welcome! Thmbsup

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