Blacker than Black: UBB's 1100 hp "Widow Maker"
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With no word on the release date of the Shelby 1000, Mustang owner's looking for the most power from a turn-key car are going to have to turn to tuners like UBB.

Just in case there were any concerns about it living up to it's name, the Widow Maker makes enough power to generate fear in the hearts of wives and girlfriends the world over. The supercharger sitting atop the 5.4L heart of the GT500 sends the engine to a soaring 1100 hp. They also throw in coil-overs, Brembo brakes, and a 3.75 limited slip differential. Mind you, this is the 2012 Mustang. While it does have stability and traction control, it's not the new technology debuting in 2013 GT500.

The catch? It costs $135,000. That might seem like a steep price, but considering the Shelby 1000 costs a whopping $200,000, it comes off as a comparable bargain.


Ubb Widow Makers 1100 Mustang

The 2012 UBB 1100 BHP widow maker

0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds 230 MPH and 850 lbs per ft torque .

5400cc quad cam V8 32 valve
3.75 limited slipp diff
UBB body kit
UBB 200MPH speedo
UBB suspension coil overs
Three piece split rim alloys 10.5x18
305x35x18 toyo 888 tyres
Advan traction control
CD player mirco soft sync
Voice control
Brembo brakes
Hand controller
Penski adjustable coil over shocks
19" Alloy wheels
Full Carbon Body Kit
Twin Cooling fans
100cc Fuel injectors

[Image: 6900992014_e358847197_b.jpg]

Extra's Comfort pack

Recareo seats
Glass roof
Extras set of track wheels
Park sensors
Laser jammers built in
De-cat pipes
Window tint

[Image: 7047085311_d0cc56b336_b.jpg]

Price $135,000 delivery time 12 weeks
And the lowly Camaro pissed down it's leg! The Corvette was overheard as it snuck out the back entrance. " Are you'al Futchin Nuts. I'm outta here! LONG LIVE THE WIDOW! Just a little humor. JTS 71 Mach1

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