Been Awhile... '71 Rustang
Man that's a nice old ride, one you definitely aren't embarrassed to be seen in that's for sure. Sucks your Buddy didn't get to enjoy it. At least it lives on, with another friend, to care for it. 

I had a blast at the Joe's Bar & Grill Car Show yesterday - Frank even pulled a "Top 50" award (out of almost 90 cars).  My camera battery died about 2/3 of the way through getting pics of all the cars, but my pal Stephen Horton came through with his awesome pics.  Here's a link to his Flickr Photo Album:

[Image: 48925958356_cd13a9432c_o.jpg]

[Image: 48925958316_dfa7ac2def_o.jpg]

My view for the day:
[Image: IMG_0601.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0603.jpg]
You guys down there in Texas are keeping it alive.  All very cool cars, especially the Mustangs and Shelby's (clones?).  Plus I thought the Bel Air with the cooler in the trunk was pretty neat! Great pictures and as always your car looks awesome!
Thanks!  We hit 95 today (record), but we'll be cooling down soon [hopefully].  I have 2 more car shows I'm planning on attending 2 and 3 weekends from now (Toys 4 Tots, and Elks/Veteran's Day Car Show), then I think I'll be done for the year... maybe a Cars & Coffee here and there (weather permitting, of course).

The Shelbys are real - my new friend Ken Barros and his wife own both of 'em.  The '69's a very nice survivor/one-owner car, and the '68 was a full restoration around 15 years ago (I don't think Ken's the original owner of it, though).

There were no slouches at this show for sure.  I'm feeling very lucky and happy that I won an award.  Also took home a Duralast Creeper from O'Reilly Auto Parts (sponsor) as a door prize.  Banner day!

I just wish Steve hadn't gotten that fat guy eatin' a breakfast taco behind my car in the shot. LOL!
Very nice.  Thank you for sharing.

Although there were some very nice cars represented, I must admit that the older Mustangs were definitely stand outs.  I really like the 69 Shelby.
Double Whammy Car Show post (since I forgot to post up the one from last weekend).

2 Nov - Toys 4 Tots at Twin Peaks Restaurant.  Great turn-out, but the show was behind the restaurant, so we didn't have a lot of visitor traffic.  Still had a great time on a nice day and pulled a Top 40 award.

[Image: IMG_0669-1-1024x768.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0705-1-1024x768.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0707-1-1024x768.jpg]

[Image: 49003023163_2cbbee93bd_o-1.jpg]

[Image: 49003770612_224b71b299_o-1.jpg]

Today was the Elks Lodge Veteran's Day Car Show @ Car Town Hyundai.  I had a blast hangin' out with all the cool car guys and their cool cars on such nice day!  Frank even pulled a Top 40 Award as well!  Thanks to Stephen Horton for all the cool pics (I was BSing with my pals and forgot to walk around for pics).  Here's a link to his Flickr album:

[Image: 49039435028_ae0ecd652b_o.jpg]

[Image: 49039941401_3bd59b74bb_o-1.jpg]

[Image: 49040154052_1f6396ab41_o-1.jpg]

[Image: 49040154102_64af89e256_o-1.jpg]
Super Duper as always!

Thanks for sharing for those of us who seldom get the opportunity to get to car shows.
Thanks Steve!  One cool thing about West Texas is having more good days for a longer car show season.

So today was the last car show of the season for me today at Fuzzy's Tacos. Awesome day, cool car guys to hang out with, great breakfast tacos, and got an award, but forgot my camera... so, all I got are 2 cell phone pics.

[Image: Mach120191123-2.jpg]

[Image: Mach120191123-1-1.jpg]

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