Been Awhile... '71 Rustang
Thanks for the updates.

We are anxious to see the culmination of all of your tremendous dedication and work!
Once again, great work and thank you for sharing all the pictures of your restoration work. It is very helpful to see the work of others. Keep up the good work and keep us updated.
Thanks for the words of encouragement and patience. I actually do have a completion date goal: Jan 2014. Since the Mustang 50th Celebration is next April, I'm going to do my dangdest to get it all done and have a couple months to work out any bugs before driving to Charlotte next April.

That's the plan, anyway.

I promise to be a better member of this site as well.
Done a few things not really picture-worthy. But this past weekend I finally got the urethane bumper separated from the rusty brackets and completely torn down from the steel core. It was officially the last rusty piece of the car. Yay!

Here's the urethane cover, rusty brackets, and what's left of the hardware after giving it up to the cut-off wheel and air chisel.
[Image: 1098003_669838266360428_145329578_n.jpg]

Amazingly enough, the steel core actually fit in the 'blaster... barely.
[Image: 559675_669838276360427_236365852_n.jpg]

Two hours later, the core is ready for Rust Bullet Black Shell.
[Image: 534934_669838279693760_58990367_n.jpg]

Got the urethane (more like, "vulcanized rubber") bumper cover sanded down, and the steel bumper core coated with Rust Bullet Black Shell. The pad sander and 80-grit made quick work out of the old paint and sunburn... smelled like burning tires, though. ;)
[Image: 1098120_671628749514713_140299251_n.jpg]

Hopefully, next weekend I'll get to fill the bad spots and get it primed... then put it all back together and on the car. It's really not in THAT bad of shape... just a couple of gouges and they're pretty much on the underside.

It's pretty sad, but the dyno does make a dandy workbench.
The last rusty piece! WOW!

That would have to be like a super bright light at the end of the tunnel. Congratulations!

Dyno, work bench - good to have both.
OK - I have NOT forgotten about this place... just got busy tearing up the back yard to install a swimming pool and running the Auto Hobby Shop. After Turkey Day, I was able to get back at it. I've done a bunch of nit-noid things, but here are the pics of the big stuff.

After soda blasting the front valance, rear valance, hood, and fenders, I determined the front fenders were a loss, so I ordered some repops from OMS.
[Image: 1488295_755823251095262_229849328_n.jpg]

Then, I picked up a stud welder and pulled out the heat puckers from the quarter skin replacements, and realized the passenger side was too much of a mess to continue... so I ripped it off and got a new one.
[Image: 1549479_762054190472168_515579617_n.jpg]

Installed it with 3M Panel Adhesive - much better now.
[Image: 1544568_763832436961010_309279753_n.jpg]

[Image: 1517921_763832440294343_1600377496_n.jpg]

I stripped down the rockers, and discovered these holes on the driver side (passenger side is fine):
[Image: 1524808_762729110404676_1023082449_n.jpg]

[Image: 1508160_762729113738009_106142643_n.jpg]

So, I glued some patches in from the inside (after treating the rust and cleaning out the rocker of all the debris that had fallen inside). The patches will get 'glassed over.
[Image: 1528745_762729170404670_2027430375_n.jpg]

Here's the hood after soda blasting. The black area did fine, but the color let some surface rust through:
[Image: 1525029_766081586736095_2010275444_n.jpg]

After half a day of sanding:
[Image: 1545084_766081596736094_888020768_n.jpg]

And after that half day of sanding, I decided to use some Master Pro paint stripper from O'Reilly Auto Parts. The whole roof and upper quarters were clean in about 4 hours:
[Image: 1525029_766081600069427_976678820_n.jpg]

[Image: 1555584_766081623402758_1141108632_n.jpg]

[Image: 1513286_766590810018506_1289408244_n.jpg]

I also discovered about a half-gallon of Bondo on the trunk lid, so I ordered a repop last week. It's here, and I'll put it on next weekend.

This past Sunday afternoon, I had a potential painter come by and look it over. He was pleased with what he saw and told he'd have no problems getting everything taken care of. So the plan is to take it to him on the 20th, and he'll have it for up to 2 months.

Before I give it to him, I'm going to finish stripping the doors, jambs, and trunk surround, rehab the door hinges with the Mustang Steve hinge kit, and loosely put all of the sheet metal together - along with some nit-noid things I need to do that would be more complicated to do after painting.

My Christmas present from the wife was to give her "The List" of everything I need to finish off the car. So far, she's ordered pretty much everything I'll need for the painter to do his bit (gaskets, seals, fasteners, etc.), and we'll get everything else when the car goes to the paint shop, so I can work on reupholstering the seats, rehabbing the interior pieces, etc., while it's gettin' shiny.

It's a bit surreal to think that after 3.5 years, it's finally going to be coming together. Things should move pretty quick now... if everything goes well, it should be on the road no later than late April.
Glad to see the progress! It has been a long road for you.

Talking paint - that's getting close enough to almost see the end.
Wow, I can certainly appreciate all the work you have done to this car. I also appreciate all the pictures you have posted of the work in progress. It is certainly very helpful to me and I am sure others to see.

I am just about at the same point of my restoration project as you are but unfortunately the cold weather is slowing my project down this winter plus I forgot to give my wife my Santa list this year (LOL). Great job, keep up the good work, and please keep posting pictures! Oh, and I like the blasting cabinet a lot.
Looking good! The beauty of is we aren't going anywhere. The car hobby is an ebb and flow desire, especially with projects. Thanks for coming back around! Thmbsup

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