Pics of the other 2
Well guys it's been a long time since I posted anything about my Junk. (I can call it that cause it's mine). I finally got the other 2 cars home safe and sound. I have looked them over and have figured out when all is said and done, I've got enough to build one car and all I think I'll need extra is carpet, Headliner and a dash pad. So I'm fixing to add some pics, if I can figure out how to resize them. Last time it didn't go so well. Wish me luck. JTS 71 Mach1
OK I got them on here, not sure why they are supersized? A little narration to go along with them. The first 5 pics are of the 72 mustang. (kinda silvergreen in color) Which as you can see is a total rust bucket. The steering box pulled out of the frame rail when we were pushing it around the back yard. But it has several interior pieces, including 1 perfect ps door panel. And all the little pieces are there. It is a 302 3 spd stick and has an old autolite double pumper carb, a 65 vintage intake, early heads, on top of a 78 302 block. The white one is the 73 Mach1. As you can see it looks pretty fair from a distance. when you get close you can see the front aprons are gone, no core support, it appears to have new 1/4's, but they are loose at the rockers (crappy install). Look inside and there are virtually no floors. I pushed down at the drivers floor and it sank. I had to push it back up to load onto the trailer. So as you can see I've got a lot of work ahead of me. Including finishing my shop. As you can see the posts are there. Some concrete a little tin and well be all set. When done it will be 56' x 32' Not to shabby in your back yard! Now I just need a crew to get it all done. My kids have all grown up and have there own lives and the last thing they want to do is help Dad! Sad HA!HA! JTS 71 Mach1

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Wow, your right - you have your work cut out for you! The good news is you do have some good parts. It's all good.

When you get your shop done you'll have a blast. Enjoy. You may even get a few kids back just to watch dad.

I was browsing the forum to see if I could find pictures of your first Mach 1. Have you posted those - if so I missed them.

Just curious - so how do you plan to build your Mach 1?
Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like saved them from going to the junkyard. That's a big shop your building, sounds like you will be able to get them inside. Keep us posted on your progress.
Steven mentioned he couldn't find pics of my 1st Mach 1 the one in my avatar. He was right I can't find them either. So I'm adding them now.

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