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Thanks for the info on the wheels Rare Pony. I've only owned 71's and 72's so at first I wasn't sure about the wheels. I get a ton of compliments about them and I Love the style. I wound up ordering a pair of American Racing Ansen Sprint 15" wheels (they look similar?) for the rear so I could have some more tire choices. I may go ahead and do the same up front then make the original set available to someone who needs them. You are right, I would hate to damage the nice vintage wheels!

Wow guys my Dad and I had so much fun on the Route 66 run! We took the Jeep and ran with some great friends (very nice 55 Chevy truck & 70 Chevelle). I saw 3 really nice 71-73 Mach1's and 1 nice convertible. The weather was so perfect we couldn't believe it. The people were so nice everywhere. Couldn't ask for a better trip.

It was a bummer not having my Mach1 - until my decision to play it safe was validated. The Chevelle lost a fuel pump between Seligman and Kingman. This car is extremely well built but he had just replaced the fuel pump one day before the trip. It seems that even high-end new parts need some run-time! In fairness to him, he bought good stuff and just had bad luck we believe... In true hot-rodder fashion we turned it into a positive. One car drove in to town to secure parts while we stayed behind then follow the tow truck back. By the time we got to Kingman there was a crowd of people ready to thrash and help! He broke down at 2pm and was running by 4:30pm. We made several new friends and had Mexican food by 5! Awesome!

Sadly I have a busy week so it will take a bit longer to get the Mach1 back on the road. I had to restrain myself from wrenching on it last night when I got homeEusa_dance. It will be good to work without deadline this time since I wanted to spend more time under the dash anyhow. Here are a few photos from the Route 66 run:


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Very nice.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

We will be looking forward to seeing the Fastback participating in the next run!
Sounds like it was a good time! We all need more of those. JTS 71 Mach1

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