What's One More Iron In The Fire!

My son and I used that on the dog house of his 71 Maverick (it will eat the paint) that we were cleaning for a repaint.

I ended up pressure washing it three separate times but it has finally come out clean and ready to disassemble, re-seal and gasket. Of course it will get a new coat of paint as well.

Only three exhaust manifold bolts broken off but they all had stubs so with a little heat, a little tapping with a hammer and patience they all backed out cleanly. It also needs a new flex-plate as hers is missing about ten teeth in one spot.

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Looks a lot cleaner now!
Looking good!!! And those are really good little trucks. i have owned probably 8 or 10 of those rangers and bronco II's over the years. The only thing about them that i had go bad on almost everyone of them is the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail on the motor. It was really bad on my 2.9 in my bronco II. The diaphram inside went bad and pumped fuel all through the vaccum lines. It filled up my brake booster , my engine block and my transmission. the vaccum line on the regulator runs to a vaccum tree that feeds all those things!! So just be careful with that. if they are not too much might want to swap it out for some insurance. Also module on side of distributor likes to go. But overall great trucks and good find. hope your daughter enjoys it!

PS its also fun to stuff a 302 in there!!! Awesome
Thanks Kevin,

I noticed that someone has all ready messed with the pressure regulator but I will add that to my replacement list.

This one won't see a 302 but maybe the next one. Eusa_dance
One note about the Ignition module, Turtle spoke of is that it takes a special tool. They're available at almost any parts store. Just ask for a Ford ignition module tool. A regular 1/4 in drive socket is not thin enough to go down into the plastic housing, and it's a real bugger to get to. On the back of the motor, especially if it has A/C. I always keep a new one and the tool in my glovebox. As they can last for years, and I've had them last a couple months and fail. Oh, and there is no limping them home. Your dead in the water where ever they fail. Otherwise I agree with everyone else. They are great little trucks. 100 times better then an S-10. JTS 71 Mach1
PS. Good call on the fuel pressure regulator. Turtle
Well after a hiatus of a few weeks, my daughter and I were able to get back to her Ranger for a few hours this evening. We disassembled the motor to inspect.

While I have never seen a dirtier motor on the outside, I doubt I have ever seen one with over 100,000 miles that was so clean on the inside. This thing is spotless.

Now we will begin the step to reseal, paint and prepare to drop back in the truck. She can name each part and is fascinated with turning the crank and watching the pistons and lifters mover up and down.

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It appears your 2.9 may have succumbed to the weak spot for these engines. Head gaskets or cracked heads. Evidenced by the rear most piston. It appears washed cleaned? Or have you already cleaned that one? If not I would definetly have the heads checked as they were prone to cracking. otherwise your right it is pretty clean. Doesn't seem possible after seeing the outside. Oh well, good luck Steven. JTS 71 Mach1
Thanks for the heads up Jack.

All is fine. Some water had gotten in while pressure washing and I had cleaned it all with brake cleaner before the pictures.
(05-09-2012, 01:06 PM)Steven Harris Wrote: While I have never seen a dirtier motor on the outside, I doubt I have ever seen one with over 100,000 miles that was so clean on the inside. This thing is spotless.

Maybe someone has been adding tequila to the gas Biggrin
It would be interesting to talk to the previous owner just to see what his routine was in maintenance and especially what type of oil he used.

I always add a quart of automatic transmission fluid to the motor when I purchase a used car and drive for about 500 miles but this one was evidently all ready clean. It is amazing because the rest of the maintenance on the little truck was #9 bailing wire type fix.

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