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Peter Winn, one of our members - check out his threads, and his dad are getting ready to race the Targa Tasmania races over the next few days.

I know he will be busy but I thought that some of you all might enjoy riding along with him in this awesome race and his phenomenal 73 Mach 1, Junior. The car sounds amazing and the Tasmania scenery is wonderful although it flashes by at a pretty fast pace!

The link below shows a short clip of pre-race testing and will put you in touch with his videos.

Enjoy - and all the best Peter.
Thanks Steven! Good post! Bravo
Looks like fun Th_go_smilie_its_yo_birthday
Okay then - Peter, his dad and Junior (the 73 Mach 1) are through the prologue and now the fun officially begins.

It looks to be a promising Targa.
When I got to work this morning my friend told me they have rolled the car yesterday Duh I haven't seen any news yet so I don't know.
Wow, I hope he didn't roll the Mach! Keep us posted.
(04-20-2012, 07:20 AM)Oztrailer Wrote: When I got to work this morning my friend told me they have rolled the car yesterday Duh I haven't seen any news yet so I don't know.

Wow, let's hope that the news is twisted somehow. I have had no updates either way.
Ford Perana crash at Targa..........not fun
Well I have heard from Peter and yes they did "have a big off" yesterday. Thankfully both Peter and his dad Ian are fine. Ian's always present smile and humor also survived the crash. Junior the Mach 1 took the impact to protect his drivers but will not be back.

Here is video footage of that fateful slippery crest.

Thanks for the other crash upload of Targa West Point Steve O. I have watched that incident several times. The Capri actually rolls over in the water before thankfully coming to rest on it's wheels.
Damn guys sorry to hear and see it. Glad you're both ok. The cars easily replaced compared to you and your dad. Man what a ride! I've never been all the way upside down, but been real close! Kinda makes you look at things a little differently. Hope your next ones even better. Gonna have to be great to beat the Mach1 though. Good luck and glad your alright. JTS 71 Mach1

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