Winn / Winn Racing
Thanks for the footage Steven. It happens so quickly but the cars are built for safety so no injuries.
Wow! Sorry about the crash and am glad to see you are both OK. The Mach 1 can be replaced but you two can't.

Keep us posted on what your future plans are.
Peter has uploaded a couple more video's that they had taken before the fateful (for Junior - the Mach 1) crash.

It looks like they really had the car dialed in and it was running strong.
Just breaks your heart, all the time effort and love put into it and now to have to start over. JTS 71 Mach1
Peter has just uploaded a full length video of the Targa Tasmania crash in their 73 Mach 1 with slow play through the final parts.

They were running really well but slippery conditions, a gear change and the weight transfer over a crest caused the rear end to get loose and swing around.

They have all ready located another Mach 1 body and are looking forward to putting it all back together!

Sounds like the Winn/Winn Team Racing is keen to prove the Mach 1's prowess.
I hope they took everything learned from the First one and make this one even BADDER! Good Luck guys! JTS 71 Mach1
That's great they found another body and are going to start over! Can't wait to see the progress.
I was in contact with Peter yesterday (or today or maybe tomorrow - not sure how to figure that time difference). Anyway he has been able to purchase another Mach 1 there in Australia and is well on his way building his next "Junior" for another attack at the Targa Tasmania.

They are making some neat and interesting modifications for this car in hopes to be able to handle the challenges of the Targa Tasmania and do well. Hopefully Peter will be able to update us here but in the meantime if you are a facebook user he can be found there at Junior Mustang.

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