Mad Max Renegade
I don't know if this has been put on here before Biggrin
Cool video. the only problem is they copied the same trick as in the other Mad Max films. The electrically engaged supercharger. Which is not possible as the rotors in side would prevert air form passing through, plus if you noticed there is no carbeurator on top of the super charger? Thats because it was hidden inside the hulled out case. Looks damn impressive though! I believe they also did this same trick in another movie, White Line Fever? if I remember it had a very young Don Johnson and Nick Nolte, in it. Driving a white 57 Chevy. I can't remember for sure. But still cool video. JTS 71 Mach1
I'll show my ignorance here (Please be kind - I was raised in Africa and did not have television).

Is this a scene in the Mad Max movie or is this a different thing altogether? Evidently the setting takes place in Australia (Australian actors) but why are they driving a U.S. Explorer? The Mach 1 is also left hand drive.

Warned you - I'm not savvy on movie stuff.
Hi Steven it is not a scene from the movie. It is done by some Americans. They must be fans of the movie Biggrin Don't know where it was filmed. I guess it was in the US as the other cars are LHD but the Falcon is RHD. They weren't Aussie actors.

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