Reasonable price to reupholster my seats
Ok here's a little trick to make it easier. To keep the springs from moving as you push through the foam I use a tennis ball stuffed between the seat frame and the section of spring your trying to hog ring. What happens is as you push down on the foam the springs actually move away making it very difficult to catch the wire. I hope this helps.
That is a great tip. Hog ringing the foam and seat covers to the frame does take some muscle. If you have extra set of hands it is very helpful as well.

Don't get discouraged when recovering seats as you can cut the hog rings a million times until you get it right. No one said it the job had to be perfect the first time!
Yeah I've thrown away almost an entire box of hog rings trying to get it right but like Mike said have patents and if you get tired or frustrated take a break and walk away. This always works for me.
Got my full seat retrim back. $725. Every one said it was a good price and it does look good. Ms M1FF embroidered in the BMW badge on the backrest too. I will post a picture, honest.
(03-29-2012, 02:00 PM)don29163 Wrote: Don't give up so easy, this is not hard to do, and hog rings are cheap.

I second that. You've got everything you need to do the job correctly. Just set the upholstery out in the sun for awhile to make it more pliable. Silicone spray will help the upholstery slide over the foam a little easier. Focus on one seat base or back at a time. It will be less overwhelming. If you get frustrated, set it aside for a bit, then go back to it. Don't let a seat outsmart you.

Good luck,

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