my 1973 mach 1 build
    Here is a list of things i've done to my mach.

About this Vehicle
The mach1 is guards red, with black mach1 stripes
interior is black, comfort weave seats, very nice condition
has front & rear spoilers. all new weather stripping. Firestone SS20 tires
with original forged aluminum wheels and center caps.
the windows have a dark tint.
the mach1 has Ram Air

Power is delivered by a 1973 351C 4v engine,
351C has been bored 0.030 over for a total of 357ci
cylinders honed for moly rings
speed pro pop up forged piston, which provide 10.2 compression with the 76cc
cast crank turned 10/10 rods and mains
engine is balanced.
melling high volume oil pump
cloyes true roller timing chain
melling high flow aluminum water pump
milodon oil pan.
has an engine oil cooler
has transmission cooler

A Doug Hebert solid roller cam
cam is a 280, 242 intake 244 exhaust duration
lift is .641 intake .642 exhaust at 0.50
center line is 110
also has roller lifters.
scorpion aluminum roller rockers 1.73 ratio, with poly locks

Heads are 4v, with 76cc chambers
ported on the exhaust side.
heads were machined for screw in studs with quide plates
valve springs match the cam, titianium rotors & keepers
push rods are hardened .080, 5/16
intake valve is 2.19 exhaust is 1.71 one piece stainless steel

For an intake system, it has a Holley Strip Dominator, single plane manifold,
with an edelbrock 750 cfm carb
distributor is a Mallory unilite electronic
it has powder coated black valve covers, with silver ribbing with 351 Cleveland
air cleaner is also black powder coated with silver ribbing

music system is an alpine am/fm, single cd mp3, with Sony speakers
viper alarm system

Tci flex plate sfi approved
Tci torque converter 2600 rpm stall
Tci C6 automatic transmission
The drive line was trued and balanced, with new u-joints

All suspension part replaced. new
performance bushing were used
front spring are 620 1" drop
rear springs are 5 leaf 1" drop
front 1" sway bar and 7/8" rear sway bar

It has a 3.50 tru loc third

Hooker headers with 2 1/2" dual exhaust. dynaflow mufflers

it has front disc brakes and rear drum.
the brakes have all been redone, with new calipers, rotors, pads, drums turned
and new brake shoes, and wheel cylinders


The car looks great and the list reads like a what's what of a true wish list.

How long have you owned the Mach 1? Have you owned other years as well?

Are you happy with it's performance? What might you do differently?
Thanks Steve,

I've own my mach since 1999. The exterior and interior
are just like it was when i bought it. I paid 3k for it.
Other fords i've owned, but no longer have,

1967 Galaxie 500 FB Biggrin
1968 Torino GT convertible Biggrin
1968 Mustang coupe Biggrin

Performance wise, it doesn't really start pulling hard until 3500 rpm
i back off at 6600 rpm and it doesn't feel like it reached it's
full potential. I might have gone with a smaller cam. idle is about
1000 rpm. Quite happy with the overall package

Yesterday i installed a remote electric trunk release. Today
going to install subframe connectors

i have and need to install a tilt steering column
1/4 roll down/up windows
have a heated rear window but nothing else to make it

Alway looking to add something neat

Nice looking Mach and great list of mods. Sounds like you have built it the way you want it.

I probably have not done that many mods in total to all the cars I have owned over the last forty-some years. I like those original wheels.
(03-23-2012, 05:17 AM)darrylmach11972 Wrote: Yesterday i installed a remote electric trunk release.

It sure looks the part!

What type of electric truck release did you use? That is something I plan to do in the future. I also plan to do the rear quarter window roll down option.

How about modifying a pair of Mach 1 bucket seats to recline? That would be a neat addition.

thanks for the kind words.
Yeh, i deceided to do what i wanted
with my mach

I bought the electric lock mech. on ebay. it's a little smaller
than the orginal and uses only 2 bolts to install. ran a hot wire
to a normaly open push button switch i installed under the dash.
works great. simple to install.

Lay back seats would be a great idea. If i can figure how to
do it.

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