Derailed Design: 1974-1978 Mustang II?
Boy how times change. My first car (when I was 16) was a '67 Mustang coupe with a 289 2v. The reasoning behind this was similar to yours: "fine for a 16-year old kid". My Dad was a Mopar guy and when we went looking for my first car, muscle cars were a dime a dozen. He reasoned that a Hemi or a 440 wedge would be a "bit too much" for me. We were looking at 318 Chargers when we came across the little Mustang and we both fell in love with it. It was Vintage Burgundy with a black interior. Sweet little car.

Yeah I know V-8's are a tight squeeze in the II's. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly, there was a special bell-housing and flywheel / flexplate for these cars. I had a C4 in mine and it used a different flexplate, converter and spacer plate than the older Mustangs did. The C4 is a multiple piece case so you could convert one if you had all of the correct parts.

That little 2300 is a cool engine too. I actually have one transplanted into my '73 Opel GT. Perfect for that car. You can get performance parts from Racer Walsh and a few others. They use these engines in the Pro-4 oval track series now so parts and custom machining are easy to obtain.
(04-03-2014, 10:04 AM)jrpav Wrote: ... The 74 was the only year not to offer the v8 if I remember correctly and they are tough to squeeze in there because of the firewall. In 75 they changed the firewall a little and makes it a lot easier to get a v8 in there.

Not a firewall change, it was a nose clip change, the 75-78's have a much narrower piece in front of the hood, the 74's have a wider Shelby-esque nose.

We had a 1978 that we ordered from the local Ford dealer. It was a pretty Jade Green metallic with a white interior. It was a nice little car and my wife loved it until she hit a utility pole and crushed the rear quarter. It was repaired but was never the same the hatchback would squeak and rattle and open on it's own. After a half dozen returns to the dealership to be fixed We ordered one of the newest body style cars in 1980 then traded in the 1978. But I remember the 78 with fondness and think for the most part they get a bad rap. After all had it not been for the Mustang II the name may very well been forgotten or lost like so many other cars.

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