The new 2013 Mustang commercial
During this years Daytona 500 Ford will promote the new 2013 Mustang with a TV commercial. Ford released a preview of the commercial earlier today on YouTube and their Facebook page. In the commercial Ford showcases and brings to life the highly popular Mustang customizer tool that has generated more than 4 million digital Mustang builds.

“We know that Mustang owners are incredibly passionate about their car,” said Matt VanDyke, director of U.S. Marketing Communications. “Rather than just show features and benefits, our new ad demonstrates how people see the product as an extension of who they are. We believe that everyone has an inner Mustang just waiting to be unleashed.”

“This ad was created to work in tandem with the success of our Mustang Customizer and downloadable app, which allows anyone to create their very own Mustang, selecting colors, accessories and decals to complement the amazing design,” said Lee Jelenic, Ford Car Marketing Communications manager. “Mustang owners are unique, independent, and like their cars to reflect their personalities. The Customizer site and this spot pay homage to that.”

The video features four models of the 2013 Mustang including the V6, GT, Boss 302 and the 650 horsepower Shelby GT500. Check out the video below.
I saw this while watching the Daytona 500. Pretty cool commercial.
What I don't like is they have taken the 2013 GT and essentially put on the Shelby front fascia, plus added fog lights. Great for new buyers but a slap in the face to all the 2005+ Shelby owners.

I'm glad Mustang is changing they have no where to go with the design anymore in its current retro state.
Yeah - I've got an inner 2013 Mustang. Now where did I hide that money?

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