Barn Find: 1967 Shelby GT500 turns up in Death Valley California
Its one of the most unlikely places for a Barn Find of this caliber but Death Valley is where a 1967 Shelby GT500 was found hiding out for more than 25 years before a Massachusetts man purchased it. The GT500 is the real deal with a proper Shelby identification tag on the fender, Shelby badging, fiberglass hood and deck lid, wooden steering wheel, center driving lights, four-speed manual transmission and a 428 engine.

The GT500 had been sitting outside in the desert of Death Valley where temperatures reach 120 degrees on a regular basis in the Summer. From the pictures you can see the fiberglass hood and trunk lid are completely without paint due to the harsh desert conditions it endured. Also it was said the doors were filled nearly halfway up with sand. The GT500 was a factory original car with no modifications of any kind except a trailer hitch.

This 1967 Shelby GT500 is a true time capsule and the owner knows it. He is having the 428 pulled out to get cleaned up internally and once it is ready to run, it is going back in the car and he is leaving the exterior untouched, which we think is boss!

The guy who bought the car is a dedicated Ford collector and he has a great collection of rare blue oval pieces. He heard about this car and snapped it up as soon as possible. We’re not sure why it was left to sit for 25 years outside in the desert, but on some level we love that it was. Being that the hood and trunk lid are ‘glass, you can see that the paint was literally sand blasted off of them over the time it was left in the elements. It is wearing old school Firestone Wide Oval tires which we think date from the 1970s. The car actually had a trailer hitch on it when it came back to Massachusetts! Imagine towing your boat to the lake in a GT500!

Some work has already been performed as you’ll see the bright red shock absorbers in the engine bay. Other than touching up the brakes and making sure the electrical is functional, this thing is going to be driven as is.

I like reading stories like that. I wonder if it was stolen back in the day and just left in the desert!
This would be a very interesting story to follow.

I doubt that it was stolen. There is a certain mentality that comes with life in the desert. I can picture exactly where this car was found, I have seen it often in the back roads of Arizona.

That, and I almost live there. Biggrin
great story.i wonder how long will finds like this last

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