How To Spot a Clone Mustang!
Education Education Education you can never know too much. I've seen some very well done clones but I'm usually able to find the flaws that give them away. Read the books study the numbers learn how to decipher VIN plates.
Good article...nowadays I think there is less misrepresentation about clones and people are honest that they don't own the thoroughbred. It's just too darn expensive to own the real deal. As you know, I did pretty much all of the Shelby upgrades on my car but purposely left off any GT or Shelby striping. This way I stay away from the cloning critics and still enjoy the feeling of driving a muscle car...After all, my car was a T code and I wasn't about to restore it to its original glory!
Good article,
especially for those about to by their first mustang, many of these tribute / restomod / cars Have been Im sure sold to unknowing buyers thinking that they have bought the real thing, and the dealers silence is not that disimular from lying, while the unsuspecting buyer drowls over his dream.
One thing I see alot of is 69 70 boss tributes they seem to be everywhere. rotisserie resto bla bla bla..
Unfortuanately a marti report is not allways a sign of authenticity either, and build sheets buc tags and fender stampings can always be transfered, Its quite a mine fieldCrazy But fortunately faking a flawless mach 1 is an excercise in overcapitalising, I have a real one (I think)Shock with build sheet and Ill just break even if Im lucky if I ever sold.
VERY VERY true-BUYER beware!! Reasearch the vins and double triple check everything. My 72 is a true Q code Mach 1 and when I was doing the paint I always liked the boss style paint on the hood, so I painted mine the way I liked it since it is a driver. I also put the boss graphics on it- not much different than the mach but still different. When asked I am honest about the car but I assure you not everyone is or will be as I recently found out when looking at a 1970 "Mach 1" that was really I found out after checking the VIN # and a few other numbers was just a fast back someone spent a lot of time trying to clone and disguise. It was a very good job, but didn't make the car worth what the seller was asking. I pasted on it sadly- it was a beautiful car but not the real deal.
I believe the term is, Caveat Emptor. Or let the buyer beware! I looked it up and that is a true and correct definition, even though I heard it on the Brady Bunch! Seems like a hundred years ago, JTS 71 Mach1
(02-15-2015, 02:25 PM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: I believe the term is, Caveat Emptor. Or let the buyer beware! I looked it up and that is a true and correct definition, even though I heard it on the Brady Bunch! Seems like a hundred years ago, JTS 71 Mach1

Do you by chance remember what episode of the Brady Bunch you heard that on? It must have been used by Mr. Brady!
I get a kick out of some of the claims made by sellers on ebay. "Numbers matching car" ," Complete with Marti report". Then you compare the Marti report to the vehicle and find out it's painted the wrong color, used to have a white standard interior but now has a deluxe black interior, aftermarket wheels, the list goes on and on....
They somehow seem to think that because they have a Marti report, the car is worth more. - NEWSFLASH - the Marti report doesn't mean squat if nothing or little on the car jives with it. One has to be knowledgeable about the car they intend to buy - period.
I see it is an old thread but:

When my daughter first wanted a Mustang I said I would look over it for her but I need her to know how to decode the chassis number and I.D. factory options that the codes related to.

I thought she would be researching for several months. Also she would perhaps loose the desire - big mistake.

3 weeks later she could do 90% of a de-code in her head.

And soon after, her '70.

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