MY NEW MUSTANGS (new to me)
Hey Guys ; well I finally did it. As most have heard me say, I have got the most ripped and stripped 72 Mach1 left on the planet. Well being a glutton for punishinment, I purchased 2 more Mustangs. A complete but very rusty underneath 72 fast back. With near perfect interior (1 owner) and a 302 with a 3 speed stick. Also a 73 Mach1, with a 460 and c6. Between the 2 I think I can build 1 complete car out of the 3 and have a ton of left over parts to sell and recoup most if not all my investment back.
Here's the question I need some opinions on. The cars are near Indianapolis Indiana about 600 miles away. I going to try and put the 72 on a car trailer and pull the 73 Mach1 behind the trailer "Doubles". I've checked the local laws and it's not illegal. I've also seen companies that build trailers, pull doubles. In fact my car trailer was built that way as it has the plate welded to the back of it for a ball to pull the second set of trailers. I've pulled cars all over this planet. With everything from a chain, tow bars to tow dollies, car trailers to tow trucks, and roll backs. But I've never pulled Double anything??????? Hell I've seen people with motor homes do it! I'd like to know if any one has any thoughts, ideas, experience, encouragement!! As always any thoughts or help is greatly Appreciated. Now maybe Ill quit complaining about My ripped and stripped Mach1! 578254 Thanks Guys JTS 71 Mach1
Congrats on the purchase; sounds like a plan!

I would be very hesitant towing "doubles". I've owned various boats and trailers since 1974 and have logged a lot of towing miles, but never with doubles. Every once in a while I encountered the trailer wanting to sway or fishtail, can be a little scary. Not sure what would happen towing doubles and that happened. Also, you better check the laws in each state you plan on towing through; laws could be different. I don't believe Virginia allows "double" towing. Good luck and keep us posted.
Rare Pony your thoughts are duly noted and appreciated. I too have experienced the swaying of a trailer. Almost to the point of crashing! It's not good to see you little 87 Ranger on the trailer, out the drivers side window at 45 mph. Kinda makes your butt cheeks reach down and grab hold of the seat! Fortunetly all came out well, as the rear chain came loose allowing the truck to move over the top of the tire on the trailer, and basically applied the brakes and straightened us out. But it was SCARY as hell for a couple seconds! That was an old single axle car trailer, cobbled together to haul a 1955 chevy stock car, so that should give you an idea how old it was. The one I've got now is a modern dual axle factory built trailer, and doesn't have the sway problems a single axle does. But adding the second car may change all that. Thanks JTS 71 Mach1
Sounds like a good buy. Way to go (as an owner of more than one for parts).

I have thought about the double trailer option but have never attempted it. I believe that pulling doubles require the first trailer to be a Fifth-wheel hitch.

Regardless I would make sure you are compliant with each state simply because the State Highway Patrol for each will not be tolerant if you are not in compliance with their state's law.

All the best and let us know how it goes. I would actually like to trade my 18' flatbed for a 32-34' flat tow just so I don't get stuck in a similar situation. I have too many car projects for just a single car trailer.
Yeah I hear you on the double trailer(would be nice). In all the years I've had mine(single), I've never really needed more then 1 car at a time moved. I have 5 kids and several projects myself. As well as using it for all my neighbors and there kids, so I've put a lot of miles on it and have loved every minute of it. It's handier then a pocket on your shirt! PS. I don't loan it to anybody. I'll pull it and just charge them for the gas. I found that was the only way to keep fenders and tail lights on it! Oh well maybe someday when I'm rich I can afford a double trailer. JTS 71 Mach1
The key to towing a trailer is keeping enough weight on the hitch to keep it stable. Towing a second trailer or car on a dolly that puts weight on the back of the first trailer could reduce the weight on the hitch of the first trailer causing instability. Therefore the car on the 1st trailer would need to be farther forward than normal to maintain a positive hitch weight. Be sure to check max. towing capacity of the towing vehicle also.
(02-14-2012, 05:08 AM)JTS71 Mach1 Wrote: It's handier then a pocket on your shirt! PS. I don't loan it to anybody.

Yeah, that's an understatement and I absolutely have to have a pocket on my shirt!

I loaned my first one out and it always seems to come back with the lights missing and the jack ripped off. That wouldn't be so bad if those who borrowed it would fess up - hardly ever did or made excuses and no offer to help replace parts.

I have had a need for a double trailer a few times and would still be in the market should the opportunity present itself. How cool would two Mach 1's be on one trailer! Biggrin

Id pick them up seperatly for safety and ease.

Bob has it right on the weight distribution. I did that tow once and it was hairy to say the least.

I also did it at night for stealth reasons and slept during the day.
I bought a slightly used car hauler trailer just about a year ago. I was looking for a small utility trailer and came accross a great deal on the car hauler. I thought I could haul my 73 Convert to car shows, but have not used it to haul a car yet. I have used it several times as a utility trailer for various things and it makes a great "table" for yard sales. I was thinking I might put my 73 on it just for the heck of it and drive it around town! Biggrin

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