Tip for installing carpet
When making holes for the seat and seat belt mounting bolts, use an old soldering iron or gun once the hole location has been determined with an ice pick, It makes really nice holes, plus it seals the material to keep it from unraveling and is much easier than using a utility knife, But do it when the wifey's not home because it stinks!
Very cool tip never thought about that one. JTS 71 Mach1
If a soldering gun is not available you can always use an old Philip's screwdriver and heat it up for the same results.
Great tip!
We had to re-install the new carpets 6 - 8 times before the fit was 'just so'. If you want a good job just re-do what the 'professionals' have done.
We also cut and installed extra sound deadening at that time - well worth while.
Thanks for the tip...the timing is perfect for me. I am just about ready to install my carpet. And to be honest, I have never done this before.

Appreciate the tip!
I got the same tip from a 69 Bose 302 owner this last weekend. Great tip to keep in mind.

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