73 Mach1 My first car.
I have a 1973 mach1. Bought it in 1988 at a local lemon lot. I love this car because of the sharp body lines, Stong sounding engine and the hood scoops.
I've been working on it ever since, in fact, the heater core started leaking the night i brought it home.
Two engines and a tranny later It became a reliable daily driver. but I wound up working a hour commute away and even at 1995 gas prices I couldnt afford to drive it 120 miles everyday. So it sat. I would drive it occasionally.
I got some offers from people but I had too much money tied into it to let it go for cheap. And it really wasnt costing me anything, so I decided to keep it, knowing if I sold it I would deeply regret it.
About 3years ago i decided to restore my car, not show quality, but nice enough to take out. I'm taking my time with it. And I enjoy playing around in the garage.
Hopefully If anything pops up that the ford or chiltons manual dont cover (which actually seems to be a lot) i can reach out here for some good advice.
Not a problem. If you run into something you can't find an answer to, all you have to do is ask. There's a lot of knowledgeable people here and we're always glad to help. JTS 71 Mach1
Welcome to Mach 1 Club a great place to pick the brain of fellow Mach'ers

We are glad that you have come along. Share some photos of your history with us if you would like. It is always great to hear that an owner has persevered in his Mach 1 ownership.

All the best in your rebuild. We cover more than Haynes or Chilton's and try to be personable to boot!
Thanks for sharing your history with your 73. I bet you are glad you managed to hang onto it all these years. Feel free to share some pictures and any Mach 1 stories you may have.

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