1971 Mach 1
Back in 1971, I wanted to get a Mach 1 in the worst way. I tried to save and save to get one, but couldn't afford one. Then in 1972 I went to my local Ford Dealer and told the salesman what I would like to get. I wanted a Mach 1 with a 351 - 4bbl., 4 speed, white with black stripes and spoliers, am radio with an 8 track. I wound up with a regular mustang fastback with a 302 and automatic. I think my father called ahead and told the salesman "to give him what he wants as long as he didn't get what he wants". In spring 2005 I started my search for a 1971 Mach 1. I picked up the Special Interest newspaper to check for cars shows in the Lower Hudson Valley. I saw this ad and figured the car was probably sold. I called the guy and went to see the car. The next weekend I had bought the car. I finally got the car, a sliver blue Mach 1, 351 4bbl., a speed. When work was crazy, I would come home spent and my wife would say go to the garage and I'd sit for a bit in the Mach. Came back upstairs renewed. It took 34 years to get the car. A little more than a daily driver, but it's mine. Now I'm trying to get back the way it would came out of the factory in 1971. I have three offers or so to sell the car, but I would tell them, I waited too long for this car.
Never give up on what you want. Then when you get it never let go. Unfortunetly most of us have had life get involved, and messed up our plans. Just as your Dad did so many years ago, just remember he had your best interest at heart! Now if we could control life and keep the other things from getting in the way all would be good. Hope you get to keep her forever! JTS 71 Mach1
Great story. I'm sure the 34 year wait was worth it. You will probably appreciate more now than you would have back then. Keep us posted on your progress.
I love to hear the stories behind each passion. Thanks for sharing.

Definitely worth hanging on to now that the dream has finally materialized in a true Mach 1. I will follow your progress with interest. Keep us updated.

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