I Bought My 1971 Boss 351!
I finally found and bought my 1971 Boss 351 - for $1.07!

The same collector had several other Mach 1's for sale so I bought a yellow 1970 and a white and blue 1969. I even added a 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator to my garage while I was at it.

I know that such purchases are not every day deals but they availed themselves to me yesterday and I had the cash in my hand. It's just money - thankfully I saw the Boss 351 before my daughter did. Walmart security might of had to be called!

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Cool buys! Haven't found those in the local WalMart yet.
Cool Steven, I have a few of those cheaper Mustangs as well Biggrin
We can all dream can't we. I have several in my collection as well. I've not been able to slip through the window as of yet, but I have'nt given up, I lost 3 lbs just last week! JTS 71 Mach1
Great find. I still need to go through my boys collection of MatchBox cars. They have a big plastic underbed storage container full of them they have collected since the mid-90's. No telling what treasure I might find.
I have been looking for this 1971 Boss 351 ever since I heard it was "out there". I would have bought all they had (actually I did) but they only had one.

I was given one of these at SEMA. Okay, so now you know - it doesn't take much to entertain me. Biggrin

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I find a lot of these while I'm out metal detecting. Just last week I found a 1938 Buick Roadster Tootsietoy about 12" in the city park. It was in pretty bad shape but a nice conversation piece none the less.

The 1938 Buick Roadster fresh out of the ground.

[Image: 1938buick-tootsietoy.jpg]

Some of the ones I've found

[Image: all-cars.jpg]
How did that 38 Buick clean up?
Not real well. I guess 60 years in the ground takes a toll on the cast metal.

[Image: 1938buick-tootsietoy2.jpg]
So - I purchased my second 1971 Boss 351 today.

This one is blue but it has the wrong hood and side graphics. Still for $.98 I just couldn't pass it up.

Check your local Wal-Mart and you may also find one yourself.

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