Talk to your teen about safer driving
Talking to your teenager may not be the easiest thing you do, but it is one of the most important, no matter what the topic. Experts say parents should talk often with their teens to encourage positive opinions, ideas and behaviors. One thing you may want to discuss is how to be a better driver. Research shows parents who are actively involved in helping their children to drive have safer teen drivers.

No matter how many times you hear them, the statistics on teen driving are shocking:
· During a typical prom weekend, nearly 300 teens die in alcohol-related accidents
· Nearly 7,000 15 to-20 -year-olds die in vehicle crashes each year
· Crash rates are highest among teens in their first few hundred miles on the road, with 60% of those crashes the result of inexperience
· Two of every three teenagers who die in crashes are passengers in a vehicle driven by another teen

Learning how to be a safe driver goes beyond taking a basic driver education course. Teens need time behind the wheel to gain experience. They also need to learn some fundamental techniques. Ford Motor Company is trying to help by posting safe driving tips on the web where teens and adults can learn from professional drivers. The video tips are being posted over the next few weeks on familiar sites such as YouTube and CarFax as well as on Ford's Driving Skills for Life Web site. Professional drivers talk about recovering from skids, proper braking while steering, anticipating problems on the road ahead and the dangers of trying to text message and drive at the same time.

The messages "Buckle Up," and "Don't drink and drive" are still the strongest advice parents can give their teens. But parents can do much more. Be a good coach, set a good example, be patient and be clear when giving them instructions. Tell them to slow down and take their time, excessive speed is a major factor in crashes involving teens. Remind them that the more distractions, including from other passengers, the greater their need to keep their focus on the road.

Ford's long standing commitment to safety includes a special focus on teen driving with the program Driving Skills for Life. Developed in 2003 with the Governors Highway Safety Association, DSFL offers education materials to schools and communities, an interactive website,, as well as hands-on driving events in selected cities around the country. Ford's commitment is based on one clear fact, better driving skills can help save lives.

More tips from Ford

Ford Driving Skills for Life teaches people " young and old " the skills they need to be safe drivers.
This toolkit includes a number of items that can help you to promote safe driving habits. It is intended for groups and organizations that work with Ford Driving Skills for Life to promote safe driving, including schools, driving instruction organizations, state highway safety organizations, parent groups and others. View Toolkit here~
Good posting and good advice!Clap_
I agree that this is very important!

Its not cool to be dead......

Drive safe!!

This video might contain strong images, but makes you think,,,,

Good info. My youngest of our 4 just turned 20 recently and so far all 4 kids have done well with their driving. Hopefully this will continue into their adult lives. I always reminded them to be safe and cautious when driving.

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