HEI ignition...
DuhI recently bought a HEI distributor (with gm style integral coil). The distributor ,while being a high quality billet piece, did not come with directions. There are provisions to plug in two wires. Would one be power only when the key is turned to the start/run position? What about the other one ? Does it go to ground or some place else?
The old distributor is aDuh very early MSD cast piece, set-up for drag racing with a cabin mounted advance unit (+ or - 15%). I would like to totally get rid of the old unit. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. The car is a '72 Mach 1, 352 cj, 4 spd.
Hey Keith If you look at the top of the cap where the wires are supposed to plug in. It is most likely written on the cap there should be 2 terminals one for bat the other is for the tach. You only need one wire to run this distributor. take the wire frpm the positive side of your coil and hook it to the bat terminal on the distributor cap and all should be good. If that doesn't help let me know. I bought 2 hei style distributors for Fords off Ebay and both of them are marked, and I know mine aren't high dollar pieces and they are both marked. So you should be in good shape. JTS 71 Mach1
I also bought 1 off ebay same thing marked on top bat+ the other tach. put it in my 400m in my 77 F250. runs perfect. for 2 years now.

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