Front License Plate
How many Mach 1 owners have a front license plate? I know some states require this but do you have one even if your state does not require one?
Arizona does not require a front plate. However I'm really glad they don't since I think it looks terrible on any car. I would never want one. My 72 Mach 1 came with one when I bought it and it was the first thing I took off.
CO is a 2 plate state but i only have 1. i dont want to drill holes in my bumper or use one of those goofy brackets. so ill just pay the fine
I agree it ruins the look to have a front plate. JTS 71 Mach1
California requires a front plate but is rarely rarely enforced. In fact, I have not run a front plate (including my 73 Mach 1) for over 20 years.

Because the state is using more and more traffic cams, I could see a greater enforcement down the road. Still, it probably would only be a "fixit-ticket" since it could have "fallen off" accidentally. Biggrin

Iowa is another 2 plate state and I ran for years without 1 on my 39 chevy I think they look the other way on classic cars but im with the rest its just a matter of time before a young cop has to prove me wrong and I too will just pay the fine.I do carry my other plate in the car with me when traveling out of state.
Ontario is one of the provinces that require a front plate. I don't use one and I'm waiting to get tagged for it. Has anyone tried to put one of those hide away front plate brackets on their Mach? Might be the answer.

I agree with the majority of owners who think the front plate ruins the "look". Unfortunately, running without a front plate where one is required is, to the law enforcement community, what is called " probable cause" for a traffic stop. Best not to temp fate if anything else about you, your passenger, or your vehicle is illegal, you might get more than you bargained for.
We have to have the two plates. I have a slim one on the front

Virginia requires both a front and rear plate. My 73 has a contour in the front bumper for the plate, but my 04 Mach 1 just had two holes drilled into the bumper surface for the plate.

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