Front License Plate
Front plates SUCK!!!!

I didnt even have my '04 for a week and I got pulled over with no front plate. Good thing was I still had the PA Temp plate on it so there wasnt alot that could be done.

Now I have a bracket from

Ma. is a 2 plate state and I don't need another reason to be pulled over. Already have tinted rear lights darker than allowed, tinted windows darker than allowed, and louder than stock exhaust. The front plate was already on the car when I bought it so the holes are there.
I figure that if I have to mount a front plate it might as well be something I like so I use a vanity plate.
Mich is a one plate state , but not to long ago I got stopped in Minn for not having a front plate. They ran back ground info on me and the truck and came back clean . All he said was he thinks I should have a front plate anyhow but nothing he could do about it. I was legal but he didn't like it.
He had an attitude for sure.
I have a front plate on my 72 MACH1 like or not it's a very enforced law in Massachusetts. I even had to buy an NOS plate bracket from Greens. Like everything else it's illegal in Massachusetts.
I have a front plate on my 69 Mach 1. Simply installed it with a repro OEM style bracket. California requires it, although usually only enforced when a speed trap is setup. I don't think it detracts from the look and I don't want a ticket for something like that.
W. A. is a two plate area but I run a slimline front plate on my vanity/custom plated vehicles.

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