2010-2012 Shelby GT500 or Boss?
I'm debating again. I get bored very quickly with my cars. Unfortunately I have better credit than cash on hand. So once I have a car for 6 months or so I look to improve upon what I have. I had an 06 an 07, a 2010 and now I'm looking to upgrade again.

This is my thought, I owe about 10k on my 2010 GT so I'm figuring I have about 11-14k equity in my GT depending on the dealership.

So I'm looking to get into something like a Shelby or a Boss in the 48k or less range. I'm just playing around with these cars in the hopes that they'll one day make a Mach 1.

Anyway if you were in my shoes what car would you go after out of the 2?
I'm figuring if I get a Shelby GT500 and Super Snake it myself Id be in the 750 HP range. Should be pretty satisfying. At least the value should stay stronger than my GT.

I like the Boss but I'm not big on the colors available, and Ive read reviews its not the best car to keep as a driver, it really is meant for the track. I'm not a big track guy. I'm just thinking a Shelby will have more value potentially than a Boss, unless its the Laguna Seca and those are impossible to find.

So whats your opinion. You cant hurt my feelings I don't own either so fire away.

Also what color do you think looks best on a Mustang?

I almost bought a 2012 Ingot Silver Metallic GT500 last night, but the color just seemed to bland for me. I liked it, I didn't love it, so I walked. Sad The price is a little high for me. 700 a month payments are just to high.

I'm thinking Red with Black stripes or Grabber blue with black stripes.
Ive had 3 gray mustangs so gray is running thin on me.
Definitely the Shelby! Awes I have always liked the Blue with White stripes. My 08 is Vista Blue with the white rocker stripes, couldn't talk the wife into the 2 stripes down the middle. She thought it was to gaudy! But I liked them! The Shelby Looks great in that color combo. and it's not Red! Seems like they must have had a fire sale on Red ones. But any way it goes, make it suit you! JTS 71 Mach1
I agree the shelby the nieghbor just bought 1 Best looking car Ive seen in a while.


Of course I like the white color scheme on the Boss.
Personally I love the Shelby 500's. Blue with white stripes is a classic and beautiful color combo. I actually prefer the darker metallic blue over the grabber blue.(both look great) In terms of value, I think the Shelby will retain more value over time. You'd be in good shape if you trade it in in a few years. It would also make an awesome long term investment. But I understand the high you get from a new car every couple years. I used to be the same way, but in the past 15 years my attitude has changed. My general transportation cars, I run until the wheels fall off. My performance cars (69 cougar & 72 Mach 1 351cj 4spd) I hang on to pretty much forever. I do drive the cougar alot, it's about 2 years away from a complete resto. I don't drive the Mach 1 near as much, but it's alot more fun!
Good luck,
Keith Thmbsup

I myself have a different outlook on invester cars and hotrods.

If its one of a rare low production cars with less than 500 or so made then I wouldnt waste my time just looking at it sitting in my garage for 30 years and waiting and hoping for an increase in value.

If you really look at the new Shelby cars they seem to be high volume production cars. They have the same crappy bumpy paintjobs that the production cars do.

Now that they have made like a cazillion of them ....in my opinion, they are never going to be that rare.

I say buy and drive the crap out of them and let our kids piece them together like we did back in the day and they can enjoy the real challenge of finding parts like we do......lol

We only come this way once.Biggrin


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