Center gauges
Okay so instead of buying new harness and factory gauges, i decided to go a different route on adding center gauges [Image: IM002821.jpg] [Image: IM002820.jpg] [Image: IM002824.jpg] I think it turned out pretty good
What size are the gauges and how did you fit them? Did you have to modify the housing, I need to get my gauges working.
Got the gauges from advance auto parts these are the one i picked up.Had to Modify the housing VERY much to get them in [Image: housing1.jpg] the red shows roughly how much need to be cut out and the blue shows where to cut for mounting. need to be measured on each gauge before cutting The brackets shown HAVE to be reversed to mount in housing. Remove the gauge housing and remove the lens from housing, trim a little of housing using a Dremel, Put bracket on gauge ( reversed ) place gauge on bezel and then set housing on top and see where you need to trim for bracket to slide through. Double check as gauge likes to move around. once satisfied with it mark and cut for bracket to slide through housing. once that is done bolt housing to bezel with 2 screws and make any final adjustments to gauge placement then mark and drill small holes in housing and bracket to secure them in place. It helps when you cut the housing to leave it a little tight on the gauge, if it can slide or move around freely it makes it a lot harder to keep in place.Once one gauge is in place repeat for the second one checking and double checking that the previous gauge is still correct, it is aggravating and time consuming to do but worth it. Good Luck
Thanks for the tutorial SSig_goodjob
SSig_goodjob They look great.

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