The first time I saw one
It was 1976, and I was 17 years old. I liked all types of muscle cars, but was partial to Chevys, and owned a 1962 Impala convertible. A friend had just bought a grabber blue 1970 Mach, 351 Cleveland 4 speed, and offered to take me for a ride. As I walked up to his car, I was awestruck - the styling was way ahead of it's time, and as I sat in the high back bucket seats, and looked at the cockpit style dash, i was hooked. When he started the engine, I knew then and there I had to have one.

The next part of this story should be called "The one that got away".

I began searching feverishly for a Mach 1 - didn't have a whole lot of money, as I was working in a garage making $2.50/hr. They were everywhere back then...a lot of them beat, modified, and surprisingly quite rusted already. One day this 1969 Mach rolls into our shop - red with gold stripes on the side, white interior, and a black hood. It was a little on the rough side, jacked up in the back with enormous tires, rusty Keystone Rogue mags. and white painted steel wheels on the front. I had never seen a shaker hood before and thought it was cool...I also liked the "snake" on the finned aluminum valve covers. It had a sale sign for $1200. I bought the car, fixed it up, drove it for two years, and sold it because it got bad gas mileage. I had no idea what I had owned until a few years later....It was a 428 SCJ, 4 speed, 3.90:1 traction lock rear with the factory oil cooler. No one knew back then what anything was going to be worth, and most people my age have let something, or a lot of things get sold. I almost bought it back for $800 from the kid who got it and blew the engine, but he backed out last minute. I owned a 1970 after that for a short time, but it had an automatic, and I wanted a 4 speed. Sold that, and decided to buy one to keep forever, which led me to my current project which I am trying to finish in this lifetime. You can see it here, if you're interested in doing so:

Thanks for reading.
Great story; thanks for sharing! Keep us up to date on your project!
Nor did we know just how seriously we had been bitten!

Although it is not the same car at least your story has a happy ending.

May you two live happily ever after!
Yeah if we had only known what these old tired Horses were going to become. They've taken on a life of their own, and we Love them. Thank God for Mustangs especially Mach1's JTS 71 Mach1

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