hi everyone i have a small problem i have a rhd that was converted
when new in the u.k. it has different door mirrors from the norm
i need new glass for them they look like the original but are taller
same shape but a taller wider stem


and bolt on from the inside not like the original, screws from outside

and the holes in the door are wider apart and there are no other

holes there so it never had original?

question for you all have anyone got these on there car is so
what model are the from,
i did buy some original mirrors to fit on but the old holes would show
and it has been reprayed , didnt want to mess with the doors

any clues out there, come on you american guys & girls
these where born out there, you must know picture att

best doug
Is it just the glass that is messed up or is the piece that the glass is attached to thats also messed up. I've heard of people going to a AutoGlass Company and having the glass replaced.

Are you able to take a closer shot of the mirror??? Might be easier for someone to tell what it is from.
Im not a Mustang mirror expert, but I honestly do not think these are factory to the car. This might have actually been from many Ford vehicles produced over the years, like Torino, or Cougar.

However just so you know if you could find another Mustang Sport mirror the guts are removable and you may just be able to replace the innards.

This is just totally a guess. Hopefully someone else has the answer.
I've never seen a mirror stick out that far on a Mustang. Here is a picture of the stock teardrop mirror (or some refer to as racing mirrors). The basic mirror on the 71 to 73 Mustangs was a chrome flat mirror and they did have a different diameter base for the screws than the teardrop mirror. The mirrors do screw in from the outside of the base with a stainless steel screw into a fixed nut in the door. These mirrors show up on ebay from time to time. The drivers mirror manual remote controled (cables).

[Image: DSCF4317.jpg]
thanks guys
you must be the longest owner of amustang mustbe great to have one that long + great looking white 2000 shape dont know the numbers

the drivers side right hand not moved by cable, is broken inside
so its stuck in the right position , i bought a set of proper mach 1 mirrors

but as said if i fit these it would leave holes and need a repaint

maybe these where fitted from new as r.h.d from new to give better
vison cannot think of any other reason, i was hoping it was from

a 73 torino/etc and then i might be able to source

can get the glass made but insides are u/s

thanks again for your replies

do you have shows in the states, we are only a little country

we all can meet up , but your country wow do you just have state
shows , never been but love your cars

best doug
Who uses the mirrors? I have the sport mirrors on my 72 and right before I change lanes I say a small prayer.
Definitely know what your talking about there! Mirrors? We don't need no stinking mirrors! Crazy
You know I could be wrong, but I noticed mirrors on a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 thats seems to have taller mirrors than say 71-73.

Is it possible they are 69-70 Mustang mirrors?



(11-30-2009, 11:55 AM)1972 Mach 1 Wrote: You know I could be wrong, but I noticed mirrors on a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 thats seems to have taller mirrors than say 71-73.

Is it possible they are 69-70 Mustang mirrors?

thanks for the imput guys

best doug

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