Toy's in the Attic...or the Shop falconwagon style
here is a picture of a few of my toys...only not shown is my 1969 AMX, 390 V8-4 speed, Go-Pack car and my 1962 Ranchero Shop Truck, I just installed a "new" 170 and T5 5 speed trans...

[Image: 2011-10-18_14-26-36_499.jpg]

[Image: 2011-10-18_14-25-25_458.jpg]

[Image: 2011-05-09_13-20-49_397.jpg]

AMX waiting it's turn...runs a drives;
[Image: 2011-06-25_14-15-09_23-1.jpg]
Nice collection! I remember a long time ago, an AMX with a 401 (iirc) really gave me a run for my money in a drag race.
stock trim, street tires, time slips in the ash tray 13.6

wait till I'm done with it....and thanks.....too many...but I like'em
Nice collection! Is that a 68 Firebird. I had a 69 Firebird and sold it to buy my 73 Mustang Convertible back in 74.
no, 68 Lemans 2 door sedan, 2 owner car....

[Image: 103_6627-1.jpg]

[Image: buildsheet0001-1.jpg]
Well I got the year right. I never realized how similar the Firebird and LeMans looked from that angle!
VERY COOL!!! I'm jealous!! Smile
yea, there kool old cars, but would like to sell, 2 or 3 of them and add on to my shop...a 24 x 64 addition..but I pay cash for everything, I am a dave ramsey guy....So all of my toys and stuff are PAID for, so the Lemans is going, the Challenger and the Mach, ONLY if I get what I want and I still can buy the 66 2+2 I found in KY, C code car 4 speed......I WANT THAT 2+2...

[Image: 2011-10-05_19-41-37_365.jpg]
The Chevy 56? I always wanted A 56.Cool collection.
WOW - Falconwagon,

That is an impressive line up of sleds!

More impressive is that you have added them on sound financial principles! Way to keep your head in the game.

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