How we met our mustang
We want to share a little story with you. We are Sabine and Harry from Donauwörth (Bavaria), both 42 years young and now owners of a beautiful Mach 1 (also 42) and a 2011 GT. Harry works in the aviation industry and I'm in public service. After our daughter has moved out, we now have much time for our pony cars and other hobbies (home cinema, reading, holidays, driving around).

Data from the Mach 1:
1969 Mustang Mach 1 built on 3/11/69 in San Jose, 351W, 4V, FMX, A / C, gulf-stream aqua / white interior, front disc brakes and power steering, power brakes
About 10 years ago the car was restored and treated well since then.

Our story:
Long been interested in American cars two years ago we decided to buy one. First we had opted for a 2010 GT and swapped him after seven months, a test drive and a good offer for a 2011 GT. With both cars we have visited U.S. car meetings here in Germany and have come in contact with some Classics owners. An "old timer" had long been a dream and a Mustang it should be on all instances. Our GT has most resemblance to the '69 and '70s Sportsroofs. So the decision which model to buy was quite easy.

We read a lot and let us also show cars and its weaknesses from several 1969 owners. In the vicinity we could have a look at a '69 convertible in completely dismantled state, where the owner showed us the peculiarities of a typical salesresto. Poor boy has a lot to do before his car is on the road again.

We decided to search the Internet for cars in Germany and the surrounding countries and discovered that dealers and private sellers do not always tell the whole truth. Often the contact broke already with the question of underbody images, or the seller was trying to prevent that we inspect his car closer. It's a shame what scrap some people try to sell for a lot of money. We are well aware that old cars have rust and there really is always something to repair but fist-sized holes, and rattling engines for more than 30,000, - € we had not expected.

Then a miracle happened and a private person from the Netherlands offered his '69 Mach 1 for sale. Here too, at first we thought that it will again remain with meaningless pictures from a great distance. But this seller sent us some pictures from all exterior parts of the car with very high resolution where you could actually see very well in what condition the car is. We asked him to take underbody images and detail shots of various typical points. He got ramps, got started and sent a total of 160 pictures from each point of interest on his car. We showed the pictures to a friend who is a Classic car mechanic. He saw a few things to make adjustments, but was satisfied with the overall condition of the car. He took the pictures for OK and gave us tips on where to look closer and what to check during the test drive.

So we went to Netherlands to take a look at the Mach 1. The pictures did not lie. Some places were even in better condition than on the very detailed images. The seller was very nice and honest. He showed us the known issues that we had already seen on the pictures and gave us a whole folder full of bills from him and the previous owner. After a thorough test drive and short negotiation we were finally able to say:

„Yes, we did it and now let’s ride the horses to Bavaria“

The next day we drove home with the two horses, with mixed feelings and great expectations and discovered that it takes quite a long time (13h) to drive 750km with comfortable 60mph and a number of breathers for grandpa (precautionary measure). Especially on a German autobahn where everyone whizzes past you.

On the way home we had no problems. Engine was not too hot, every gauge worked and the oil pressure remained good. Except that the grandpa just went out once during the trip, but started again immediately and bravely drove the remaining kilometers.

At home our friend threw a first look at the real pony, and confirmed that we had done a pretty good deal.

Because we have a beautiful autumn, we can still do some nice rides. First repair measures (indicator relay, headlight conversion and various rattles eliminated) were successful and now we are trying to get a historical registration. Then some leaks on the transmission have to be removed, the engine compartment cleaned , underbody sealed new, a cavity sealing is made and then begins the long wait for spring.

So that we do not get bored, in the meantime we try to get in touch with the owner in Arizona. Perhaps we will find several former owners through him and can track the history of our car a little bit.

And here's a picture of our two horses.

Sabine and Harry

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Great story and great cars!!!! Welcome. This is a great site and the people here can answer just about any questions you may have. Also more pics would be great.

Thanks for sharing your story; it is very interesting.

Lot of good tips there for anyone trying to buy a classic car from a long distance; lots of detailed pictures in advance may save a long trip.

Good luck on your search for your Mach's history and keep the pictures and updates coming!
Great story Sabine and Harry, awesome cars!! Welcome to the site, so glad to have you here!! Your english is excellent! Thmbsup
I live in Arizona let me know if I can help you.
Good Morning, (It´s 7 AM in Germany)

i already begun with my chase, because i´m curious about our cars story. The first step was easy as we have bills with the adress from the owner in AZ. So I wrote a nice letter. Let´s see what happens and if I get a responce.

@Mach 1 Club
Maybe I come back for help if my little research comes to a stop.



PS The good google translater helped a lot writing our story.Wink

Now those are beautiful cars, Ill bet the 69 gets all the attention.
It is beautiful.
Great story. Thank you for sharing it.

I imagine that that pair of Mustangs going down the road together attracted quite a bit of looks. They are both sharp cars.


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