soda blasting
Has anyone used a soda-blaster. How much soda would it take to do a 69 Mach 1? What do you think of Eastwood's Blasters?
I've only ever used a cabinet style soda blaster, and it is awesome for cleaning. We use it primarily on old aluminum engine and drive train castings, because it leaves no abrasives behind once you wash it out. Whenever we have had to get an entire car/chassis done, we get it plastic media blasted - it doesn't deform the metal, and does a nice job.

If you do decide to buy the soda blaster, I believe it would take quite a bit of soda to do an entire car. You can always call around locally and see what your options are for getting your car stripped down by shops that do it all the time.
I rely on this forum because I truly live at the end of the world. A town of 800. Not many resto shops around here. Probably have to trailer 3 hrs drive to find one. Thanks for the reply though!
I would love to live at the end of the world - I live just past that. Biggrin No, really I am not a big city person - I love the country.

Anyway, I do not have experience with a soda blaster. I have used sand blasting for chassis parts and etc. but no body blasting.

Let us know how your research goes.

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