front end up.door wont close
You should be able to open the doors and grab the lower edge and pull up by hand and check the hinges they should have little to no upward movement.
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oh..tha's bad...

My 86 735 BMW has 'rough' door closure when on a 4 point lift hoist. On the ground -m sweet as.
A 'mono' car will always flex when lifted. +1 on the chassis stiffeners. They would make a real difference.
If your ride is stripped out but standing on its wheels try this:
Weld up the edges of the panels at door openings and window openings 2'' every 2'' all round. An old rally drivers trick.
When you do it -weld on opposite sides of the opening for each weld so you allow the metal to cool and not distort.
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Yep, Mustangs like to flex when they are lifted and it will effect panel alignment, especially the door gap area. I like to raise the car symmetrically with 2 jacks. When I get the car to the height I want I place my jack stands under the lower control arms. Then I lift the rear of the car and place my jack stands under the rear-end. This should eliminate any flexing issues because the car weight is distributed to the suspension just as it was sitting on the ground. You should have no problem opening the doors.

I know this may sound stupid and maybe you've already tried it but with the car on the ground check your export braces. They bolt to the shock towers from the fire wall. Make sure they're good and tight.

Yes - these 2 pieces are VERY important. You wouldn't believe the number of cars I've seen being DRIVEN without the braces in place. Insane. Why do people take them out and not put them back in? A Mustang front-clip is a tin box. It needs all the help it can get.

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I accidentally left them loose once after doing some motor detailing wow the car felt loose and the noise made when ever I went over a bump was scary. I'll never do that again.

Yup they are ABSOLUTELY an essential part of the chassis. I wish they made a Shelby "Export brace" style part for '71-'73 Mustangs.

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From my own experience, your mustang will flex, even with torque boxes, once you have it supported by jacks on the rocker panels. I assume the door is interfering with the fender preventing you from opening it.

Try placing your jack stands underneath the lower control arms and the rear axle housing and then try opening your doors. They should open because the full weight of the car is resting on the suspension. Then, I would assume your car is flexing. If you think your car is structurally solid, check your fender and door panel alignment.

Let me know how you make out.


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