Why I love my Mustang
I purchased my mustang when I was 17 years old, this was the first nice car that my family had ever owned. I have had my car for 37 years now it's part of my life. It's really the only thing that I have that reminds me of my teenage years and all the fun I had. I came close to selling it a few times; like when we purchased our first home when my kids went to college. I thank God that I was able to make it through life without having to sell my baby.

Now that I'm getting ready to retire I would like to fix it up a little and give it a few extra ponies, a manual tranny and a new paint job.

When I leave this world my car will go to my oldest son.

Kind of Corny but it true. Take care!
Nice story; sounds similar to me, I've had my 73 convertible almost 38 years. I've been tempted to sell over the years but held onto it just like you did.
This one is the one I always wanted my ex took it from me when we split.And I sold the other 2 when my current wife met we didnt have room at her house we decided to sell mine and live in her house.Now 10 years later have another in the country and she said get it its what you want.And couldnt afford it all at once so here we are.Thumbup
I've only had my 1972 for thirty years. You guys have me beat. I might qualify for the hardest miles driven though. My Mach1 was a daily driver, show car, auto-crosser, drag racer, road course hyper-driver, been in a few parades and been driven to Atlanta and Lime Rock and Dearborn from Northern Virginia. Sign0175    
Good thread IOTERO!

Good story and history guys.

I only wish that I could speak of thirty some years of ownership - I cannot. Duh

Well better late than never and that is why I purchased my current 73 Mach 1 this year. Now I will begin to add up the years. Like jimmach I found my opening in ownership by buying what I could and building it from there. I knew that the first few years would be slow (ever so slow) but I am planning for the future. It was now or never and I didn't want NEVER.

Cool story! SSig_goodjob
PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN TOPIC!! Why are you posting in the one someone else started ????????Huh

I don't know why this is so hard for you guys???? A110103_confused_prv

Start your own topic so members can respond to your story!!!!

You guys have hijacked iotero's story Attn

I'm going to delete all the other stories that others have posted here. I have no other way to do this, I cant move them because it isn't your topic in the first place.
I am confused?

I thought this thread was for us to post why we loved our Mach 1"s.

I did post and it was deleted ?
Sorry no, you are posting in iotero posting that he started Why I love my Mustang.

You need to start your own topic

Click on the orange icon that says Post New Topic
You create the title and then tell the story of your Mach 1.

I'm actually trying to do you guys a favor to tell your story instead of continuing in a topic another member started. I was trying to reply to everyone's individual stories where you guys had posted in iotero's posting and it was getting all messed up. 578254
this is very very nice and wonderful post.SCo_hmmthink

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