My mach 1
being that my brothers have a 72 chevelle and a 95 camaro and my dad has a 98 ss camaro i am originally a chevy man and was looking for one as soon as i got to Hawaii. Because this is my first car i had to feel absolutely sure it felt right from the beginning. i was on a mission to find a 2000 - 2002 ss camaro. But for some reason every camaro i looked at just didn't feel right no matter what condition. Then out of nowhere my boss said he had a mustang he was going to sell. When he told me this i wasn't really interested being that it was a mustang. but i looked at it anyway. when i went and saw the 2004 mach 1 and sat inside i immediately felt right and a name came to mind. So i bought Victoria the next day and even with all the crap i get from my chevy lovin family i am proud to now call myself a mustang man. the attachments have pics of my car

Sign0175 Thats a great looking Mach 1, you've done good.
Bravo Sweet Mach 1!

I had a friend that has been a life long Camaro diehard nutcase. She constantly gives me the blues for being a Mustang guy. Shes owned Camaros off and on for 30 years.

Anyway she went through being Mommy and sold her 1997 Camaro for a Nissan Path finder. She did this because of the kids. Anyway to make a long story short. Last year she was looking at a 2010 Camaro and was all set to buy it, but she said it just didn't feel as comfortable as the ones in the past and she hated how big the Apillars are now.

So I told her go test drive a 2010 Mustang before you buy anything. If you don't like it buy the Camaro or keep looking, she bought the 2010 Mustang! Now shes hooked like the rest of us! Thmbsup

FYI I reduced your photo sizes a little to make it easier to load.
Welcome Erik,

Nothing like being the family renegade and running free! Welcome to the club!

So, you found that the "feel" was much more to your liking. After having Victoria now for awhile what other observations can you make between the GM counterparts and the real pony car?
Great looking 04 Mach 1. I'm sure Victoria will keep putting smiles on your face for miles to come, these late model Mach's are great cars.

"So, you found that the "feel" was much more to your liking. After having Victoria now for awhile what other observations can you make between the GM counterparts and the real pony car?"

Well one major thing is i have yet to hear a 4th gen camaro sound as good as my mustang also the handling is much better. when it comes to the interior the seats are far better looking and more comfortable. the more i drive my mach the more i like every little thing about it.

Thanks for the compliments by the way :)
Glad your here Erik dont be shy! Awes

That is one sweet ride.

Welcome to the club.Biggrin

Hey Erik, your family of Chevy lovers should bow at your feet for showing them there is life after Chevrolet. Amen to you for having the guts to look beyond the obvious. Now go enjoy your Mach1 and drive it like you stole it! 3gears If you need some help were always here. JTS 71 Mach1
Ha haha yes they should. I have been driving it exactly like that. Also i will try to be less shy on these forums in the future.

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