Clay is awesome
After reading tips and opinions from you all I decided to give the clay gig a shot. I went to the local Pep Boys and bought the Meguire's clay kit and a can of the Nu-Finish soft paste wax. I was a bit skeptical about the whole clay thing but the kit comes with some spray wax and a micro fiber towel which I needed anyways so I figured "what the heck." All I can say is car looks like someone poured liquified glass over it! I couldnt believe the crap the clay pulled off the paint..and this is a car that is washed weekly, waxed and covered. If you havent clayed yet you have to try it..unreal results. Just dont show your wife how good your car looks or you will be doing her ride as well.
Thanks for the tip. I will have to try that specifically on my wife's black truck. That poor ride needs some help.
Claybar? SCo_hmmthink

Probably one of the greatest things made for a car in the history of cars! Icon_tongue

Good luck Steven, black needs a lot more than just claybar but its truly a great start! My wife's Mercedes literally takes me all day to get perfect, then in 2 weeks it needs to be done again Crazy

The biggest tip for clay baring is don't be afraid to use plenty of water.
Meguiars wants you to use Quick Detailer, but water works just as good.
Keep the area your working on very moist. Claybar can damage your paint if you let it get to dry.
Another key is to take your time. If you need to be in a rush wait until you've got more time.
All of my cars are in desperate need of claybar, they haven't been done since last fall! To hot for me here in Arizona to do it the past 6 months.
I bought a Mothers Clay bar kit a while back, but the first thing I did was drop the clay on the garage floor, so I had to throw it away because of the grit in it. I may try again!
I purchased a new Vw TDI for fuel economy the night we picked it up it was late and dark we didnt notice paint specks on it looked like it sat next to a building that was painted they told me to use clay magic on it.Wait a minite I just bought it from you,you clean it off they didnt and I havent been back since as for the clay magic it took it off.
I've been using Clay for years and it never fails to amaze me of all the crap it pulls of cars that seem to be clean. It's not clean until you clay it.
I guess when the time comes, I will have to try the clay. Unfortunately, all of our cars are black!Hairpull

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