1969 mach1 Stripe location on side of car.

I found this while looking to see how to locate the stripes on the side of my car.

Very good find and inclusion for all who follow. Great Work.
Looks like the same company has decals for the 03 and 04 Mach 1's, although the lower mach 1 stripe is solid instead of the fade out towards the back. Good source!

I gotta teach you guys how to use the snipping tool!

Another source for Mustang Stripe kits is Bob White Decals err, well it was, hes getting ready for open heart surgery! Crap I was just getting ready to order some stuff from him now I gotta wait til December!

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Officially Licensed by Ford and Steeda.

Best Wishes Bob! I sure hope this works out for him!

More on the location of 69 stripes.

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