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Well Just got the car back from the upholstery shop , they installed the new head liner , new sail panels , new windlace , fixed a tear in the front seat All for $256.00.

I supplied the head liner and sail panels but he went above and beyond what he had to do.

He installed liner , sail panels , supplied and i9nstalled new windlace ( for free , they installed the trim molding for the front window , installed the sun visors and threw in a pc of carpet pad for the floor of the back seat area to help keep the noise down.

I know money does not grow on tree's but for what it cost me and the service I got , I was way undercharged . He had it done in 2 days , I brought it in Wed morning this wk and he was done thur nite at 5pm.

I think it was well worth it , had I done this . what little hair I have left would begone I am sure.

Quality workmanship all the way.

Wow, sounds like a great deal. You should post up the name of the shop!
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Yes good idea

It's Great Lakes Upholstry in Ishpeming , Mich.

Sign0175 Thats an awesome deal but Im a tight a** so I did them myself.
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(08-20-2011, 08:10 AM)1969jimmach Wrote: Sign0175 Thats an awesome deal but Im a tight a** so I did them myself.

Hey thats ok, I try and do most everything else myself but some times prudence dictates other wise , at least for me.


That's a tough job you got a real good deal. I helped a friend do a headliner on a 1966 Shelby GT 350 Hertz renta racer. We both swore we'd never do it again.

Yup, that is an excellent price for all that work!! Headliners are can be a tough to get right. You did good man!

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You get what you pay for. I did a roof lineing on my 1300 Mazda Copue'. Not that hard BUT the glass was out. Looked really good.
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Great find for an upholstery person! These headliners can be a little tricky. They're somewhat easier without the front and rear glass installed since they glue to the pinch weld. I did mine following some instructions from a more experienced person it actually turned out great.

I apparently must live in the wrong part of the country. On the West Coast, you need to have a small fortune to pay a shop to do anything. The last time I got an estimate for interior work was to upholster the front seats in my wife's 96 Mustang GT. Price to duplicate the original seats, $1200 per seat. I then purchased a kit from Late Model Restoration and did it myself. For general repairs, the average rate is $115 per hour. To this day I cannot wrap my head around paying for that. I am thankful I have the skills and knowledge to do 99% of my own repairs.

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