Front Spoiler Opinion
I started a new topic figured I could post the first question.

Tell me which front spoiler you like, keep in mind I'm asking about the spoiler (the bottom) not the grill.

A. CDC Spoiler

B. Boss/California Special type spoiler with fog lights

C. Roush complete front fascia

D. Completely stock

E. Newly Added
It's to bad you can't get a measurement of how much it affects airflow and at what speed. With that said, I'd pick C and then A, just based on appearance.

Thanks definitely listening to all opinions here! SCo_hmmthink
I think I will pick "B"
IMHO I vote is B, D, C, then A.
not too much difference between C&D except for the driving lights - neither one really grabs your attention. I like "A", it has a more aggressive appearance without "stealing the show". "B" looks kinda half-baked on the lower ends. Just MHO.
Loving the opinions keep em coming! Some of the things being said are exactly what Ive been thinking.
I am all for B. It looks more sharply defined. "A" appears to me to be less agressive, more docile. I like the fog lamps and D has none. "C's" lamps are not as correctly placed as B. I vote for B.
When I first saw "A" for some reason my first thought was a cattle catcher on the front of a train, not sure why! So far it looks like the "B"s are winning!

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