Front Spoiler Opinion
I would prefer A if it's painted the color of the car with the stripes continued from the hood like my 07 GT, because it appears to be a little higher off the ground than the Razzi on mine.....but then again what do I know. I have a Razzi front chin spoiler, Roush side skirts and Street Scene rear fascia as you can see lol

[Image: Hershey2008.jpg]

[Image: 100_01333-Copy-Copy.jpg]

Thanks for the pictures! Love the S197. Im also in the process of starting another website called

I'm in the very beginning stages of the site.

My goal with all of these sites is to cater to all things Mustang. covers all years of the Mustang covers obviously all Mach 1's covers 2005-2012 Mustangs

Hopefully if I can get all of these sites functioning with the quality members that are here at Mach 1 Club, it can help to become a valuable site for all Mustangs and Mustang parts sold online.
There is a method to my madness. I hope Ive got enough patience to make it all happen. Crazy The members here don't seem interested so we'll see what happens in time.
thanks for the info......I'm interested and saved both sites to my favorite list.......back to the spoiler.....the Razzi is a pain because it's so low to the ground and at my age maintaining is difficult lol
I'd have to say A if your are going for the spoiler look. Others blend into the bumper. Just my Opinion.
Well I think I'm going to pick "A" the CDC spoiler. I liked "C" also, it kinda reminded me of the old school Mach. But I got to thinking, just how many lights does a car have to have in front. Kinda taken away from what is already there looks wise.
I like B the best. The others are ok but B gives the car a Shelby look.

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