Front Spoiler Opinion
I also like "B" it adds character to the front end and has a smoother flow to it. Plus I like the option of having some driiving/fog lights mounted down low.
I know everyone's got an opinion so keep em coming! SSig_goodjob
i like B
Take a look at the photos above I added another spoiler option.
You guys like that one any better?

I rely on you guys opinions because obviously I'm trying to fix mine up to be different than the other Mustangs out there.
I like both A & B A is simple clean and blends well with the frontend. B is a little more aggressive and has fog lights. I don't like the last one as it looks to busy/overdone. JTS 71 Mach1

I like "B" because the extra lighting adds to the simple facts that driving along a dark highway in the middle of the dessert (More light is needed).

Its clean lined, sharp in appearance but not too low as to have problems pulling off the road into a gas station and having the front end of teh car scrape the concrete ramp.
I'm sticking with B!
The last option is nothing more than a splitter added to the stock front spoiler.
im going with c on this one. i think it looks more slick.
I just bought my Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs yesterday. Once I get the car lowered I want to see what it looks like then. I cant make it to low or Ill never get it in the driveway. If its to low once I lower it, Ill have to switch to 20's instead of 18's on it now. The car originally came with 19's.


Saving now for the Tokico D-Spec Adjustable Shocks & Struts, panhard bar, and strut mounts, sway bars ....... it never ends! Nanana


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