Danny Whitfield's Mustang & Mach 1 Art
Lots of Mustangs but also quite a few Mach pictures, site is alittle slow to load so becareful :)

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Very nice! Guys talented.
OK after seeing this post I bought a picture looks just like my 71 Mach 1. I had him add my Vin # to my print. Very nice guy to talk to and super fast shipping. I couldn't be happier. I will get a pic of it tomorrow and post it on here. I went with the 16"x20" . Anyone that was thinking about getting one it's well worth it.
Sweet. I thought about it but he doesn't offer one in Gold Glow.
He can do them in any color :) Just had him do my new pony hehehe. Should be here in a few days. The guy is fast. I sent him a question, and less than an hour later, he was on the phone with me, getting the pics, and had it done a couple hours later. Saving the reveal until it gets here :) Bow

(and I did mention that I heard about him here, so dont be surprised if he pops in sometime :) Wave
Sorry I got busy. My Mach went into the shop yesterday morning to get the tranny put in and I have been going crazy waiting. Here is the pic I got from Danny. He is a great guy to deal with. I wrote to him at about 11:30pm and by 10am he had called me and had my pic ready to be done by noon. I paid for it at 3pm that same day and had it 4 days later at my door. Couldn't ask for a nicer guy. So here is a pic of mine I had done. Had my VIN # put on mine.

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Wow Jess Jones looks awesome! What did it cost you? Did it also include the frame?

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