Movies that Mach's are found in
Great site that shows movies that cars show in.

Here is the Mustang Mach search results

Probably if you search around more you'll find more :)
Cool site!
What about Jesse mach in Streethawk. It was a tv show with a movie pilot. There is a yellow 69 Mach1 in the show.
(11-27-2009, 01:55 PM)vamach1 Wrote: What about Jesse mach in Streethawk. It was a tv show with a movie pilot. There is a yellow 69 Mach1 in the show.

If you go into the F.A.Q

it says

"I found an error/misnamed vehicle. I want to add a missing vehicle. I want to send you a new picture for a vehicle. How I can do that?
To add info or correct existing info, you can directly post in the comments on the movie and vehicle pages. For that you must create an account and then login. If you want to send us new pictures, see the Contact section above. "

Guessing they would love to hear about this movie :)
There was also a red '71 Mach 1 in "The Mechanic", a flim starring Charles Bronson and Jean Micheal Vincent. The car was allegedly one of the "Diamonds are forever" cars.
It's not a Mach 1, but check this Go-Daddy internet commercial (TV version was not as racey) with Dancia Patrick. A female motorcycle cop pulls over a Red 73 Convert then the dancing begins. PG13

It's the second video down on this link,

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