Products Of a different color
We all get stuck on the products we start using, and I am one of those. Although when I go to car shows and see others detailing there cars, I see sometimes they use different products than I use and there cars look awesome. I just thought I would toss this out there for others to learn about other products.
The only product I can actually endorse personally is Back To Black. To me this works excellent for anything black, like rubber, plastic, trim or truly anything that is the color black, not intended for black paint on cars.

As I keep saying use this information for reference, I am not necessarily endorsing these products since I don't use but one.

I like Mothers Back to Black for my plastic trim and it works great on the Shaker. Other than that I'm very happy with the Meguiar's products. I've done a couple of test panels on my cars using other waxs and Meguiars stands out. I have not tried any of the real high dollar stuff, its not in my budget.
I have used the Clean Air in the vents on the Mach 1. It helped a lot, had a strong mouse smell.

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