You will notice the post has been edited.

Enough was left to make sense of GXR's response but the "member" has been banned.
Yeah and good riddance. Of all the things we post on this site we sure don't need that kind of CRAP! Naughty Just my opinion, JTS 71 Mach1

I think that people like this just dont get the fact that there are actually sites like this that really do have a set of corps values.

As long as I have visited this site I tend to keep in mind the fact that we all love Ford "Mach 1" mustangs.
I think that as long as we all focus on helping each other and praise each others hard work that the corps values will remain strong.
Its the welcoming attitude that keeps the friendship strong.
Getting politics and religions involved is a bad recipe in my humble opinion.

I love mustangs period.
I wish to learn even more about them and be able to enjoy them for many years to come. I hope that others can appreciate the devotion to this website as much as I have.Biggrin

Lets do our best to keep it clean and free from distractions.
Burn more rubber and not bridges.Awes
I could not understand why a human on planet Earth would think a post of that sort was suitable or even slightly relevant for this site.

As long as we are all vigilant we can keep events like that to a minium.

Praise the Ford.

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