How to keep your Kool !
I recently posted a thread about a sound deadener / insualation I put in above the roof liner.
I wanted to know just how well it was going to work , so today i tried an experiment.
I built a sheet metal box witha couple of air vents and insulated the inside top only , I then put it out in direct sun and recorded the temps inside and on the outside surface for 2 hrs . I monitered the temps every 20 min's or so and what a surprize I got. The out side temp on the surface of the box was 122 degree's and the inside temp maintained a steady temp of 82 degree's . Now this tells me just how good this insulation is , a 40 degree temp differance , Just think what it can do for our cars.
If anyone wants more info give me a shout ,

Anything is bteer than what these cars came with.
Wow, that good proof in the pudding!

Thanks for taking the time to scientifically test your recommendation and to post the results.
Good info! Thanks for sharing the results of your experiment.

Here is the link to your other post with the info about the insulaton in case someone here is interested: Insulation for Less Thread


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