My 1970 & 2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 Collection
I would like to invite you all to come view my 1970 & 2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 Collection. If you see anything that I am missing please let me know. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions

70 Mach Collection -

03/04 Mach Collection -

Matt K.
Very cool Matt! Now I want one.
Newest additions to the collection

[Image: Hot_Wheels_092.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_093.jpg]

[Image: Loose_056.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_094.jpg]

[Image: Loose_057.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_095.jpg]

[Image: Loose_058.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_096.jpg]

[Image: Loose_059.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_05.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_06.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_07.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_08.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_09.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_10.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_11.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_12.jpg]

[Image: NewRay_009.jpg]

[Image: NewRay_010.jpg]

to be continued :)
Very cool I dont often see Mustang Hot Wheels here in the states.
(11-25-2009, 02:49 AM)1972 Mach 1 Wrote: Very cool I dont often see Mustang Hot Wheels here in the states.

99% of my collection came from the States LOL Guess u'r not looking hard enough
Ya Im not. The local stores is all I see any Hot Wheels, occasionally a Mustang here and there. I have a bunch of hot wheels to
Whats with that :) HotWheels & Forsale don't go together in my house lol
Guess you didn't look at those good, they are pretty lame actually. Just hoping someone needs em for there collection, some are pretty old.
Newest additions to the collection :)

[Image: Hot_Wheels_098.jpg]

[Image: Loose_060.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_103.jpg]

[Image: Diecast_024.jpg]

There is sopost to be a 70 Mach in here LOL

[Image: Hot_Wheels_097.jpg]

That looks like this

[Image: Loose_052.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_111.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_112.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_113.jpg]
Couple new piece's added to the collection. Not alot of new items are being released lately Sad

1/24th diecast

[Image: M2_Muscle_13.jpg]

[Image: M2_Muscle_14.jpg]

and another remote control car

[Image: NewRay_011.jpg]

Only have been able to find one so I can't even open it up to try it out Sad

Purchased a Hot Wheels Short Carded collection to fill the missing holes in my collection. Far as I know now I have them all. Here are the newest ones I added

[Image: Hot_Wheels_116.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_115.jpg]

[Image: Hot_Wheels_114.jpg]

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