4speed toploader rebuild
hi folks,
i had to rebuild my 4 speed toploader because there were singing noises coming from the 1,2 and 3 gear. i figured it might just be the front bearing, but to be on the safe side i bought the big transmission rebuild kit. the tranny is for my little k-code but it's basically the toploader thats used in all of our mustangs.

what you need besides a little courage is a workshop manual, transmission repair book, an exploded view of the toploader and patience

[Image: P1050914.jpg]

[Image: P1050915.jpg]

[Image: P1050916.jpg]

[Image: P1050917.jpg]

[Image: P1050918.jpg]

[Image: P1050919.jpg]

[Image: P1050920.jpg]

[Image: P1050921.jpg]

[Image: P1050922.jpg]

[Image: P1050923.jpg]

[Image: P1050924.jpg]

[Image: P1050925.jpg]

[Image: P1050926.jpg]

[Image: P1050927.jpg]

[Image: P1050928.jpg]

[Image: P1050929.jpg]

[Image: P1050930.jpg]

[Image: P1050931.jpg]

[Image: P1050932.jpg]

[Image: P1050933.jpg]

[Image: P1050935.jpg]

[Image: P1050936.jpg]

[Image: P1050937.jpg]

[Image: P1050938.jpg]

[Image: P1050939.jpg]

[Image: P1050940.jpg]

[Image: P1050941.jpg]

[Image: P1050942.jpg]

[Image: P1050943.jpg]

[Image: P1050944.jpg]

[Image: P1050945.jpg]

[Image: P1050946.jpg]

[Image: P1050947.jpg]

[Image: P1050948.jpg]

[Image: P1050949.jpg]

[Image: P1050950.jpg]

[Image: P1050951.jpg]

[Image: P1050952.jpg]

[Image: P1050953.jpg]

[Image: P1050954.jpg]

[Image: P1050955.jpg]

[Image: P1050956.jpg]

[Image: P1050957.jpg]

[Image: P1050958.jpg]

[Image: P1050959.jpg]

[Image: P1050960.jpg]

[Image: P1050961.jpg]

[Image: P1050962.jpg]

[Image: P1050963.jpg]

[Image: P1050964.jpg]

[Image: P1050965.jpg]

[Image: P1050966.jpg]

[Image: P1050968.jpg]

[Image: P1050967.jpg]

[Image: P1050969.jpg]

[Image: P1050970.jpg]

[Image: P1050971.jpg]

[Image: P1050972.jpg]

[Image: P1050973.jpg]

[Image: P1050974.jpg]

[Image: P1050975.jpg]

[Image: P1050976.jpg]

[Image: P1050977.jpg]

[Image: P1050978.jpg]

[Image: P1050979.jpg]

[Image: P1050980.jpg]

[Image: P1050981.jpg]

[Image: P1050982.jpg]

[Image: P1050983.jpg]

[Image: P1050984.jpg]

[Image: P1050985.jpg]

[Image: P1050986.jpg]

[Image: P1050987.jpg]

[Image: P1050988.jpg]

[Image: P1050989.jpg]

[Image: P1050990.jpg]

[Image: P1050992.jpg]

[Image: P1050993.jpg]

[Image: P1050994.jpg]

[Image: P1050995.jpg]

[Image: P1050996.jpg]

[Image: P1050998.jpg]

[Image: P1050999.jpg]

[Image: P1060001.jpg]

[Image: P1060002.jpg]

[Image: P1060003.jpg]

[Image: P1060004.jpg]

[Image: P1060005.jpg]

[Image: P1060006.jpg]

[Image: P1060008.jpg]

[Image: P1060009.jpg]

[Image: P1060010.jpg]

[Image: P1060012.jpg]

[Image: P1060013.jpg]

[Image: P1060014.jpg]

[Image: P1060015.jpg]

[Image: P1060016.jpg]

[Image: P1060019.jpg]

[Image: P1060017.jpg]

[Image: P1060018.jpg]

[Image: P1060020.jpg]

[Image: P1060021.jpg]

[Image: P1060022.jpg]

[Image: P1060023.jpg]

[Image: P1060024.jpg]

this is my friend ed that helped me while i was taking pictures
[Image: P1060025.jpg]

[Image: P1060026.jpg]

[Image: P1060027.jpg]

[Image: P1060030.jpg]

thanks for watching
here's a little video before installation.


abudi Goodpost SSig_goodjob

I love how that you tackle every part of your own rebuild and document it. A man after my own heart.

Hey guys, if any of you need some advice or documentation of rebuilding a part of your car, it is probable that Abudi has rebuilt it and documented the process. Motors, clocks, dash, power steering pump, A/C compressor - check, its all here!
thanks guys for the positive feedback. i test drove my little k-code yesterday and everything was perfect. we reved the engine all the way up to 6500 rpms and everything was solid. this little car is one heel of a ride. it's so interesting to see how far the engines were in the mid sixties. in the US you had a 289 that generated 271 HP and over in europe you had the same car, number wise being the beetel, and that had around 34 HP. crazy huh....


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