Courtesy Lights
Does anyone have a photo of the clips that hold the courtesy lights in on a 70 mach 1 sail panel? mine fell out when I was removing the lights to replace the sail panel and I need an picture to look at so I know what I'm lookin for. Any help would be great!SSig_help
I have a 70 Mach 1. But I'm not sure what you're talking about. Are you referring to those cardboard inserts behind the rear side windows? If so, I guess I could pull one out and take a picture of what's holding the round light in. Would that help?

FYI, my Mach 1 is a project car. So it's no trouble to pull something out for a picture. I might learn something valuable in the process.
Yeah it's the hardboard inserts behind the rear quarter windows. BE CAREFUL PULLING OUT THE LIGHTS FROM THE SAIL PANEL, THE CLIP THAT HOLDS THE LIGHTS IN WILL FALL OUT! I did not know this when I took mine out now I'm searching everywhere to find them. If it's not any trouble I would be grateful for a photo, but if you try please careful taking the the light out, those clips are not available separately and I don't want you to end up in the same mess I am in.
OK, Robert. I'll take a look and see if I can get a picture.
I pulled one of the rear panels down and removed the courtesy light. Good news, Robert. You didn't lose any clips. The lights just twist in. There's a metal ring which fits into the panel. The ring has a flat area. You just line up the courtesy light with that flat area, push it through, then give it a twist. So, if you've got those metal rings, you should be good to go. FYI, you have to remove the lamp to get it in and out.

Here are some pics.




Thanks klutch, I guess my panels are worn out, the lights just keep spinning. I have new sail panels on the way should be here tomorrow.Signthankspin
Do you have the metal rings? I'm not sure if your new panels will come with the metal ring inserts. (Sheesh, it seem like all Mustang parts are "a la carte". You have buy each and every piece separately and expensively.)
Klutch, thanks for helping Robert out.

Good to see the desire to help out the other Mach 1 man. Soon enough each of our turns to need help comes around. Way to go.
Got the sail panels they do not come with the rings. I called CJ's they told me the rings are not available so you have to reuse to old ones. This is not going to be easy saving those rings.Pray
Note to self: "Save the rings!"

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