Problem in rear?
In test fitting some parts i have mocked up i am not sure which part is wrong.

I have my quarters mocked up and they are fitting tight to the rear light panel but the bumper does not follow the curve of the quarter. When i held the rear valance up,it fit the quarters like it should. I am not sure if it is the right bumper or not. The bumper did not fit right when i got the car. There was some pounding of the quarters and body fillered back in.
I am pretty sure i have the wrong bumper brackets to. The brackets i have have the holes off center to each other and the bumper holes are straight up and down. When i line up the bottom hole of the bracket with the bottom hole of the bumper the top of the bracket does not go to the top of the bumper and does not match the the upper hole.

[Image: IMG_0387.jpg]
In the pic above you can see how the shape of the bumper doesn't match the quarter panel. I am fairly certain the quarter is correct. It follows the Quarter extension curve . From center line of car to the top part of the stamp out for the bumper on the quarters, each side is within 1/8th of each other.
In the pictures below, when i hook the tape in the bottom bumper hole and measure to the point of the bottom stamp out on the quarter for the bumper they are within a 1/4". The pics are at a slight angle but looking directly at it the measuremants are close.
[Image: IMG_0390.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0389.jpg]

What do i have going on here?
The bumper brackets for the 73 are different than the 71/72 brackets, maybe yours got switched along the way sometime. The 73's also have a filler panel between the body and bumper to meet the 5 mph crash requirements enacted in 1973. I think the 71/73 bumpers are all the same otherwise.

Here are a few pics of the rear bumper on my 73 Convertible if they are of any help to you.

[Image: DSCF8174.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8193.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8184.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8183.jpg]
Thanks Mike

I just have to figure out why mine aren't following the curves like yours is. It very well could be the mold for the quarters is wrong and will have to do some tweaking. I really don't want to start cutting the quarter to only find out it is something else.
It might be hard for you Mike with the valance on but can anyone pull the measuremants on their car like i did for me?

If your bumper is mounted you don't have to take the bolt out. Just need to see what others are measuring. If the measuremants are way differant than mine i would highly suspedt it is the quarter that i will need to tweak.
Matt does your bumper look the same as Mike's. It looks to me to be more angular?
good eye Steve I didnt notice that.
I am gonna say no Steven. Mine has a definant angle to it. It looks like Mike's has more curvature hence mine doesn't follow the quarters.
Don is taking some measuremants for me. I really think it is the wrong bumper that someone slapped on. It appears the car had been hit in the passenger rear qaurter at some point in time and a whole new quarter had been put on.

Will see.
The bumper you have there is for a 69-70. Mounting bolt holes on 69-70 bumpers are aligned. (straight up and down) Bolt holes in '71-'73 bumpers are offset.
Thanks fellas. Gonna have to make a call to Don and put a bumper on the list.
The 69-70 bumper you have looks pretty nice. Are you going to be selling it?
Probably will. It has some scratches on it. Probably has to be rechromed.
I am at work for at least 2 weeks and will take better pics of it when home.

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